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“Moaning” GP’s – Tories Will Want Your Vote Soon

Earl Howe has taken a leaf out of his boss’s manual on how to win GP friends with a statement at the Conservative Party conference that GPs should ‘stop moaning’.


The Guardian reports that the health minister’s big idea to solve the recruitment crisis in general practice is for GPs to simply be quiet and accept their lot.


According to the Guardian, he told delegates at a fringe event last week: ‘A lot of [the recruitment crisis] depends on perceptions of general practice.


The more people start sort of moaning about how difficult it is to be a GP, the more you’ll put off aspiring young doctors.


So my message to the royal college, which I will give later today, is very gently to say: let’s have a narrative that says general practice is one of the most rewarding careers you can have in medicine, and … this is a solvable problem, the strains in general practice are a solvable problem.”

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