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Milk Prices Slashed – The Food of Life – Costs Farmers more to produce in Winter.


Arla slashes 3.25ppl from March direct supply cheques


The move was branded as depressing news for the industry and comes amid a raft of processor price cuts

Arla Foods has slashed 3.25ppl from farmer milk cheques to those on direct supply contracts for March.



01 Feb 2016

BY Joel Durkin


Prices for non-member suppliers to Arla Direct were cut to 19.25ppl for January.


This further cut in March prices was attributed to surplus milk supplies by the co-operative.


Farmers Guardian has spoken to farmers who have said the move will take them to about 16ppl.


Tenant Farmers Association (TFA) chief executive George Dunn took to twitter, calling the price fall a ’depressing move’.


It was deemed ’unbelievable’ by Cumbrian farmer Sandra Stalker.


The news came as Tesco confirmed it would be switching a volume of milk supply from Arla to Muller.


The volume was alleged by Farmers For Action leader David Handley to have been 200m litres and Mr Handley accused Tesco of ’decimating’ the liquid milk industry.



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