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MI6 Chief Richard Moore boasts of spying on ‘climate change’ violators


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Richard Moore is the 17th Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)

The chief of the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service (better known as MI6) has claimed his service engages in “green spying” with a view to combating climate change and by extension protecting the environment.

The acting and former heads of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) have paid glowing tributes
to spy novelist John le Carré who has died aged 89.

PressTV / 14 Dec 2020

Richard Moore – whose role is referred to as “C” according to MI6’s foundational myth – claims the UK’s foreign intelligence service has begun monitoring “large industrialized  countries” to ensure compliance with reduction in CO2 emissions and other climate change related obligations.

Talking to Times Radio (April 25), Moore described the race to contain climate change and global warming as the “foremost international foreign policy agenda item for this country and for the planet”.

“Where people sign up to commitments on climate change, it is perhaps our [MI6’s] job to make sure that actually what they are really doing reflects what they have signed up to”, Moore claimed.

“As somebody used to say – ‘trust, but verify’”, he added.

Moore, who became Chief of MI6 in October 2020, was speaking ahead of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) which will be held in Glasgow (Scotland) from November 01 to 12.

In the latest leadership rotation in the British security and intelligence apparatus Richard Moore has been named as the incoming chief of MI6.

PressTV / 29 Jul 2020

Moore’s claim of spying for the benefit of the global environment sits uneasily with the nature of the organization under his control, which has not flinched to use the most unethical and ruthless methods to serve the British establishment’s interests.

The Secret Intelligence Service or MI6 is relaxing its recruitment procedures ostensibly as part of a

PressTV / 10 Feb

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