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Message To May – Move ON !

Corbyn To Speak At Anti-Tory Protest


JEREMY CORBYN will speak at a major People’s Assembly demonstration today as tens of thousands march in London calling for Prime Minister Theresa May to resign.


1st July 2017 –

Steve Sweeney

Morning Star



The Labour leader is set to address the “Not One Day More” protest at Parliament Square this afternoon, weeks after a general election that saw the Tories lose their Commons majority.


Labour’s shadow cabinet will also be out in force at marginals across the country today to deliver its “No Mandate” message in seats they narrowly missed.


Ahead of the London demo, Mr Corbyn will address an election-style rally in Hastings.


The constituency of Hastings and Rye is Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s seat and is among the most marginal in the country with a majority of just 346 votes.


Mr Corbyn will say: “I am proud to be here today in Hastings where you came within a whisker of painting the town red and electing Peter Chowney as a Labour MP.


“Labour gained seats across the country at the last general election, in every region and nation of Britain.

“Labour is no longer just the official opposition, we are a government in waiting.”


Other Labour MPs on the campaign trail include shadow work and pensions secretary Debbie Abrahams at Calder Valley, with a 609 majority, and shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald at Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, which has a majority of 1,020.


People’s Assembly national secretary Sam Fairbairn told the Star: “People will descend on London in their thousands as they call for Theresa May and the Tories to go.


“This is a government who have lost their mandate and lost their credibility.


Theresa May has repeatedly told those suffering years of Tory austerity that there is no magic money tree.


“Yet she managed to find £1.5 billion for a deal of shame to stay in power.


“We saw the sickening sight this week of the Tories and DUP cheering when they voted against a pay rise for hardworking and brave emergency services.


Enough is enough.


We need to get rid of the Tories and the reactionary DUP.”


The demonstration gathers at BBC headquarters from noon before marching to Parliament Square.


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