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Martin Kettle – A “Reality” Check on Burn’s Night

Kettle of the Guardian has the temerity to refer to himself

and his family in the same sentence.


The Radical


23rd Jan.16

As others have said, Martin will never be the person his father and mother were.

Martin shares my middle name, the familiarity ends there, to my relief, as he is seven years younger than me,but his parents and my parents were the best of friends.

Martin’s father, Arnold, visited my father’s home most weeks as a member of the Leeds University Branch of Leeds Communist Party to discuss issues of the day.

 It was no conspiracy, they met in the front dining  room with the curtains wide open.

His family  came to our house for Burn’s Night Suppers, New Years Eve dinners and to watch Yorkshire and England cricket over the wall at Headingley, but most of all, the families joined to demonstrate and march in Leeds for CND and Peace.

I remember Margot, Martin’s late Mother, standing in her Council Ward for the Communist Party in North West Leeds and getting only “friends” votes, but holding her principled head high.

Being a “Communist” in Leeds in the 50’s was seriously damaging to one’s career, however good you were at your job.

How shameful it is that Martin has insulted his father and mother by mentioning them in the same sentence as him.

His parents worked tirelessly to support him through his student days and his only response is ignorance of them and their politics and to scandalise their name.

Let me explain.

They knew, there had never been a “Communist” State, that the Soviet Union was not even a Socialist one, but working toward a fairer and more equal society.

Nothing excuses the crimes those in power committed.

Yet Stalin, for all his treachery advanced the Soviet people from a backwood under developed country to an industrial power.

One that took on the Nazi Fascists, mostly single handedly in the European theatre and beat them.

And Martin, now get this quite clear into your befuddled head, that if Stalin had lost, you and your family would be dead now, long gone, one of the first the Germans would have rounded up here in the UK, had tortured, shot or gassed.

You have a lot to thank these “Communists” for, yet you choose to ridicule them.

Corbyn is an inspiration,Left of Centre but no Marxist – not yet.

The Labour Party has a long way to go to resemble the socialist state your parents dreamed of and it would have done you no harm to reject mentioning  that scum bag Aaronovitch next to their fine name of Kettle.

You say you don’t remember the Queen’s coronation,but do you really think that your family and mine would stop for one moment to watch that exhibition of decadence ?

You were in the YCL- the Young Communist League and out selling the paper Challenge ?

Playing table tennis in the Party rooms along with Nicky and learning from John Eaton’s Political Economy or did you miss out on education at that time ?

There are socialists who are at odds with the direction of the Communist Party of Britain and Morning Star  today, but no one can deny them the right to claim that they are consistent, loyal to the working classes and seldom do personality assassinations.

They believe in a British Road to Socialism and an end to the capitalist “Nasty” Party in power which your Guardian supports.

You see Martin, socialists do not believe in the exploitation for profit of one human by another.


Clearly you do.

You are an elitist, an opportunist,and  a careerist who sold his soul for a kings shilling,but who has never produced anything remotely useful to society.

You have been taught the gift of the gab, fine words, but you have nothing useful to add, that advances mankind’s understanding of his suffering under this “system”.

In a sense you don’t want to throw off your chains and it would not be difficult to believe you vote with the “Nasty” Party  and attend their candlelight suppers ?

You talk about “religion” Martin, but it is you who are the Judas.

There is so much in common between Christianity and Communism’s teachings, but you have rejected that too, and it doesn’t make you a very nice person either.

One of many in this world, that need to change.

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