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Lincoln Echo’s Support for the Doctors Strike

Junior doctors stage fourth strike in row

over changes to pay


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Junior doctors in Lincolnshire are due to take strike action again this morning.

Ten operations and 590 outpatient appointments have been cancelled due to the walkout.

Three strikes have been held so far in objection to Government plans for a new contract.

The Government says the new contracts will create a truly seven-day service for England, but the move has been met with anger.



By HGilbey_LE  |  Posted: April 06, 2016


Junior doctors are currently paid more for working unsocialable hours at nights or weekends, however the changes mean Saturday day shifts will be paid at a normal rate in exchange for a rise in basic pay.


The last walkout, which got underway at 8am on March 9, saw five operations scrapped.


This latest round of strike action is a 48-hour walkout starting at 8am on Wednesday, April 6, with junior doctors providing emergency care only.


However further strikes are planned for April 26 and April 27.


Those would see all junior doctors stop work between 8am and 5pm on both of those days.



Dr Anne Rainsberry, national incident director for NHS England, said:


“We have already seen that a 48-hour strike puts considerably more pressure on the NHS


and it’s deeply regrettable that 1000s of patients are still facing disruption because of this recurring action.


“As always, the safety and care of patients is our number one priority and everything possible is being done to make sure patients will still be able to access urgent and emergency services.


“Following closely on from the four day Easter break this will be a difficult period especially over the course of the second day.


Consequently we have redoubled our planning efforts and will be closely monitoring events to make sure we can respond to any rising pressures.”


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