Civilisation has operated in two ways - To make one part of society more affluent and the other more wretched than would have been the lot of either in a natural state
There are Natural Rights and Civil Rights. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Where Our Power to Execute Our Natural Rights is Perfect, Government has No Legitimate Jurisdiction
When the Forces for War are Greater than the Forces for Peace   Then the World is in Danger
Politics is not a Dirty Word. It is a Way of Life. How is Your Way of Life Today ?




Most Times I Feel Like a Motherless Child

WELCOME to 2015: • Our Phones – Wireless• Cooking – Fireless• Cars – Keyless• Food – Fatless• Tyres –Tubeless• Dress – Sleeveless• Youth – Jobless• Leaders – Shameless• Relationships –

Wombling Free – Not Bloody Likely

Windsors catch Wimbledon malaise and it’s going to cost us The Paddy McGuffin column How the pampered other half live eh? Wimbledon fever is once again sweeping the country, at

One Degree Under ?

Think you are having a bad day? Fire authorities in California found a corpse in a burned-out section of forest while assessing the damage done by a forest fire. The deceased male was dressed

Face Facts

Friends   I am trying to  make friends outside of Facebook while applying the same  principles.   Therefore every  day, I go down on the street and tell the passers

Learning Can Be Painful

NINETEEN THINGS THAT IT TOOK ME 50 YEARS TO LEARN 1. Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night. 2. If you had

Lincoln Lav’s

The Lincoln Piss Artists or Imps ? Three Men’s Public Toilets have been closed in Lincoln and to my knowledge no new ones opened. So clearly the Lincoln County Council

Wish he could make the Tories disappear

This kid has to be the one of the best Photoshop video editors around. http://www.flixxy.com/do-not-believe-everything-you-see-on-video-or-film.htm?utm_source=nl

This Rotten System is Designed to Give Heartaches

No cure for brokenhearted: Research finds time doesn’t heal heartbreak                                                                                                            A disturbing condition, known as the ‘broken heart syndrome,’ doesn’t necessarily heal with time, researchers

Quiz ?

              The Baby Boom Quiz! > > This is NOT a pushover test. It’s a Baby Boomer era test! > > > > (Have a paper and pencil handy to

Sleaford,Lincs- a Parking Ticket if the Dead Don’t Move On Promptly

Council apologise after funeral car slapped with parking ticket in Sleaford                                                  Funeral cars are exempt from parking restrictions                 Lincolnshire County Council has apologised after a

The Cancer that is Britain

Half of people in Britain born after 1960 will get cancer, study shows Cancer Research paper factors in future population changes such as more of us growing older and changes

Too Many Little Sunbeams for Christ’s Sake

There are 15 million unwanted pregnancies a year around the world because of a fear of modern contraception, the World Health Organization has said. The poorest women with the least

40 Winks -Or Counting Sheep ?

Why a rest is as good for you as a sleep (as long as you don’t just slob out in front of the TV) Put your feet up: Passive rest

Randy Andy

The prince and the underage sex scandal   PETER FROST charts the Duke of York’s links with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein Jan 2015 Friday 9th posted by Morning Star in


Radical’s Annual Dementia Test Yep, it’s that time of year again for us to take our annual senior citizen test. Exercise of the brain is as important as exercise of the

Oh Diana

Diana West End play ‘suggests James Hewitt could be Prince Harry’s father’       1 / 1     James Hewitt has firmly denied being Harry’s father Getty  

Sassenachs ?

  Is Scotland right to reintroduce predators?   As Scottish wildlife chiefs press ahead with controversial plans to ‘re-wild’ the country, Olivia Midgley looks at the issues for the farming

2014 -That Was the Year That Was

  50 Numbers From 2014 That Sound Fake But That Are Actually Real By Michael Snyder, on December 23rd, 2014     2014 was quite a bizarre year, wasn’t it? 

Nuts & Fruit Cakes ?

    Reverse Bucket list   My question is, “Where was the person with the camera?”   Things I willNOTdo before I get old!  Cliff camping. Skywalking in the Alps .

Vermin Control – More than Just a Sport

Repealing the fox hunting ban is a waste of time   Dan Wilson for Metro.co.uk   Saturday 27 Dec 2014 8:36 am             3k            80% of Brits oppose fox

Aussie H owl er

Save Victoria’s threatened Owl’s Steven Katsineris Three species of owls are in danger of becoming extinct in Victoria because the Victorian government has failed to protect the forest habitat where

Charlie Is Me Darling No More

Prince of Wales: people’s connection with Prince Charles is dying     12WednesdayNov 2014 (satire?) The Prince of Wales has warned that the majority of people have “lost any real connection

We Gotta Machine Can Learn the Knack – So Don’t Come Back

​Obsolete: 33% of British workers replaced by machines over next 20 yrs?                                                                                                                                                                                 Reuters / Kai Pfaffenbach                                             More than a third of all UK jobs could

Right Royal Rubbish

Monarchy Myth Buster   It’s good for tourism This claim is untrue and irrelevant. Even VisitBritain, our national tourist agency, can’t find any evidence for it. Read more… It has

Test of Strength – Mind over Matter

Good example of a Brain Study: If you can read this OUT LOUD you have a strong mind. And better than that: Alzheimer’s is a long, long, ways down the

Wellbeing for over 60’s

The best and worst countries in the world to be old in 23:00 30 September 2014 by Fred Pearce The future is grey. The world’s population is ageing, and we aren’t

Wild not Wonderful

Wild Life Wildlife Means Just That Unmanaged, overgrown, overpopulated This applies to plants and animal wild life Wildlife needs Managing But managing from what ? Sometimes managing from ” management”


The Telegraph reports that ‘grumpiness’ is apparently the latest bitter   battleground for the UK’s men and women, with a new study showing women   report they feel ‘grumpy’ for

Global Population to rise beyond 2050

Global population may boom well beyond the year 2050 19:00 18 September 2014 by Andy Coghlan There may not be a let-up after all. The human population is unlikely to

By George- It’s The Shagging Royal’s

Buckingham Palace: Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have had a shag 08MondaySep 2014 Posted by Tom Pride in pettiness   Tags class, hanky-panky, royalty (satire?) Prince William and the

Ice or No Rice-Both Damage Health

Ice bucket challenge: who’s pouring cold water on the idea?   Drought-stricken residents of Henan and California don’t see the funny side of sloshing tubs of water around. Then there

Wrong Passwords-Right Politics-What if ?

Everything You Know About Passwords Is Wrong   Cyber-criminals are changing the way the crack passwords. Our tips will keep yours strong.   What if I have nothing of value

Day Dreams Believer ?

Are you a lucid dreamer? If you are, you’re likely to be ahead of the game when you’re awake, too   New research finds that those who spot the logical

Lifestyle – Bizarre Murder ?

Subject: Truth is stranger than fiction and, in this case, bizarre! You can not make this stuff up!! Anyone want to take a shot at the odds of this ever

Lifestyle- Who are the Real Beggars ?

The real beggar is honest. He puts his hand in front of him and says “I need money. Please give me money if you can.” And we are also beggars.

Lifestyle-Bill Gates Style

Bill Gates – Brilliant!The Richest Man in the World.Read down below….pay HEED! ~ Bill Gates ~ This should be posted in every school or kid’s bedroom. Love him or hate him ,

Lifestyle- Cool Facts

Cool Facts about the Human Body  Scientists say the higher your I.Q. The more you dream. The largest cell in the human body is the female egg and the smallest

Lifestyle -Gone Fishing

The Radical has gone fishing for a month February 2014  Fishing for what you ask ? You can ask ! Just as a Politican asks for my vote. And I say

Lifestyle- Psst -You want some BBC under plain cover

BBC paedophile denies ‘disgusting’ allegations he is Jim Davidson 30ThursdayJan 2014 Posted by Tom Pride in vindictiveness   Tags BBC, crime, open government (satire?) A well-known BBC paedophile has vowed to

Lifestyle – What a Wonderful World

                Back of Town, a true story. A boy was born in a poor neighbourhood of New Orleans, known as the “Back of Town”. His father abandoned the family when