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Leaders of the People Speak About the Labour Manifesto

Labour Manifesto: Views From The Left

Friday 12TH

posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

UNIONS praised Labour’s draft manifesto yesterday for its pledges on renationalisation, strengthening workers’ rights, and ending zero-hours contracts and public-sector pay cuts.


Dave Prentis – Unison general secretary


People want to see an end to the crisis in our overstretched NHS and social care system, both of which are crying out for cash as a result of underfunding and huge cuts to council budgets.


“Health workers will like proposals to lift the 1 per cent cap and scrap excessive hospital parking charges.


“Care staff and other low-paid workers will welcome plans to act on zero-hours contracts, make work fairer and raise the minimum wage.


Mark Serwotka – PCS general secretary


Labour’s manifesto pledges to end the public-sector pay cap, improve collective bargaining, repeal anti-trade union legislation and strengthen employment rights are welcome news indeed for PCS members and for all public-sector workers.


Matt Wrack – FBU general secretary


The Tories have undertaken an unprecedented and savage assault on fire services.


Over 10,000 front-line firefighter posts have been axed and fire deaths are on the rise.


Labour stands on a manifesto that will tilt power back towards working people.


Neil Clark – Campaign for Public Ownership


We’ve been campaigning for renationalisation for years but there’s been a taboo around public ownership.


I can’t overestimate how important it is that we’re moving away from a fixation with privatisation.


As for the ‘back to the ’70s’ slur — the ’70s had the lowest gap between rich and poor in Britain’s history, affordable transport, affordable homes.


Bring it on!


Len McCluskey – Unite general secretary


If the British electorate can only look at [this manifesto] rather than the obsession journalists have about the leadership of the Labour Party!


[These policies are] really, really exciting.

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