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Laboured Thinking Persists

Anti-Purge Campaigners Try To Change Party Rules


CAMPAIGNERS are urging constituency Labour parties to submit a rule change to the annual conference to stop the expulsion of members for no good reason.


24th June 2017 –

Morning Star


The proposal would not be heard until next year’s conference, even though the deadline for submitting proposals is July 7 —  two weeks from now.


The Stop the Labour Purge campaign says hundreds of party members were expelled and unable to vote in last year’s leadership election.


It wants to remove a rule allowing exclusion of anyone who “joins and/or supports a political organisation other than an official Labour group or other unit of the party.”


Those expelled under the rule have no chance of appeal.


Stop the Labour Purge said: “Given the necessity of political breadth, it is inevitable that Labour will be an organisation in which there is a constant and healthy discussion and contest of ideas and policies.”


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