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Labour To Do it Single Handed ?


Labour says it will work to force a vote on Brexit deal before Christmas


by Lamiat Sabin, parliamentary reporter

LABOUR will try to force a Brexit vote before Christmas, with a vote of confidence in PM Theresa May following suit, shadow communities secretary Andrew Gwynne said today.


The party will not try to topple the government until after the Commons has delivered its verdict on the Brexit deal, he added.


Mr Gwynne, who is also the party’s election co-ordinator, suggested by stipulating Labour’s timetable for the imminent Brexit procedures that Ms May would not be safe in her position in the run-up to parliamentary recess.


He said: “The main thing we want next week is to have that meaningful vote on the Withdrawal Agreement … We want that before Christmas.


“We will assess our tactics on a day-to-day basis, but fundamentally until we secure that meaningful vote from Parliament, we can’t move to the next stage.


“We think that’s the next logical step because we want to make sure Parliament has its say on what’s a catastrophically bad deal for this country and then we can move on beyond that.”


He did not outline how Labour could force a confidence vote in the government, stating that the party would “be using whatever mechanisms we have at our disposal” in the attempt to force the Tory ministers to bring forward a vote on the deal.


SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon dared Labour to table a no-confidence motion regardless of whether it would be successful in further destabilising the government.


She claimed that Labour’s failure yet to call a confidence vote — after being urged by opposition parties to do so — was as much as a “barrier” to Brexit’s progress as the Tories.


The Scottish First Minister said on Sky News’s Ridge On Sunday that a confidence motion in Parliament would “help clarify Labour’s position” even if it failed to topple the government.

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