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Labour Leadership must Take Farmers Concerns On Board

Farmers take undercut battle to ministers


ANGRY farmers met government ministers yesterday to discuss the future of British dairy farming following weeks of protest over the amount of produce imported by supermarkets.


Aug 2015
Tuesday 18th

posted by Morning Star in Britain



Dozens of demonstrations have taken place across the country, including milk trolley challenges and cattle being brought into supermarkets.


On Sunday night, tractors and protesters blockaded one of Tesco’s biggest distribution centres, as well as a Farmfoods depot near Avonmouth.


The protest was the first to focus on cheese — rather than milk prices — highlighting the amount imported by the supermarkets.


Campaigning group Farmers For Action (FFA) said the protest had resulted in Tesco agreeing to meet them for negotiations later this week.


FFA chairman David Handley said the store’s value range grated cheddar cheese had three countries of origin, while its “everyday” range yoghurt used German milk.


“This is Tesco — every little helps unless you are a British dairy farmer,” he said.

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