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Kerry McCarthy – For a Market to Succeed -There must be Buyers as well as Sellers

Kerry McCarthy Sec. of State for Defra –

an Open Letter

Your “Supply and Demand” Statement was absolutely brilliant.

I am Speechless with Admiration Kerry !


In another move that is likely to anger farmers, she said the low price of milk in the UK was “a supply and demand thing”, adding: “Too much milk is being produced and if you live by the market you have to risk dying by the market.”



How did farmers not think of that, before embarking on a career

to produce such a vital food for Britain ?


A career that involves working all hours, 7 days a week , 52 weeks a year.



Fickle Farmers or Fickle Farming


It is so wonderful that you must have thought about the conditions farmer produce milk in –


The immaculate British weather conditions for example.


I don’t think !


The Supply


When people drink more milk or drink less ?

The on going telepathy with the cows to turn on and off the tap ?

“We wish people knew what they wanted and when” said the Cows


The quality of their feed produced under difficult weather conditions ?

“We are not eating that grass say the cows”


The winter and summer and different management issues ?

“Open the doors we want to come in” say the Cows


The reproductive system of the female cow to get her to produce a safe and healthy calf out of season.

“We dont want want any more bull from her”-said the cows



Then there is the risk of a shortage as more and more farmers leave or give up milk production.


The family farm is near extinct due to producing milk

at less than cost price for so long.


Successive Governments leaving milk to market forces have driven dairy farms into growing bigger and more efficient.


And the Demand, Kerry, All That Glitters is Not (Kerry) Gold

Depends to a large extent on the difference between production costs and consumer price.


Let me explain again for the less experienced but responsible for our food.


Soft hands make Fairies Happy



The Market.


Take a tin of Heinz Beans, Kerry.

If it doesnt sell this week it can stay on the self and be sold next week


Not so with Milk – unless you prefer it sour – but then Vegans don’t drink milk ?


Not so with meat on the Hoof – when an animal is “finished” reaches its prime it must be sold, what ever the market conditions or else it loses condition and value.


And the farmer has to decide whether to produce that meat upto 3 years in advance never knowing the market conditions and the time of sale.


See how brilliant your supply and demand or die statement was now ?

Lets hope if you ever get to be in power your position doesn’t create food shortages –


Demand greater than Supply- Or a Rebellion by the Producers –

It would bring down your  Government overnight.


And should your supply create a mini mountain, don’t walk on by on the other side and say die, rejoice and give the butter away to pensioners and the poor at Christmas.


Or even consider re-introducing a daily bottle of milk free for under 5’s


No Kerry you have not made a good enough start.

And into the bargain made stupid and ignorant remarks,

which the boss has had to refute.


You’re in the wrong job and I think you know it.

You are damaging Jeremy’s chances and you should ask him to relief you of our suffering.


Go and Vegitate, Kerry






Jeremy Corbyn has reassured meat eaters by saying he will not be

supporting an idea by his shadow environment secretary to introduce public ad campaigns to encourage people to go vegetarian.

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