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Junior Quacks before Senior A&E Nurses given A Licence to Practice

Jeremy Hunt has announced a ‘new class of doctor’, who will see hospital patients but only have two year’s medical training, as part of a new plan to plug the gaping holes in NHS workforce, the Guardian reports.


The BMA is warning that the new posts should not replace doctors and patient groups are arguing that plans to open 200 physician associate training places a year amount to providing NHS care ‘on the cheap’.


Chief executive of the Patients Association, Katherine Murphy, said: ‘We are concerned that, as physician assistants are cheaper to recruit and pay, hospitals managers may become reliant upon them to bring up staff numbers on their wards.’


Lets get this straight Jeremy Hunt 


Senior A&E Nurses are far more experienced and qualified to treated patients that they know are within their scope and have been doing so since the conception of the NHS. The problem has always been the licence to practice and infant doctors are not the answer. Neither are medical imports. We need more Medical School places for male and female working class students and we need to recognise senior A&E nurses as tutors to them as well as allowing them to be practioners.

Ever heard of a Feldsher, Mr Hunt ?

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