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Join the Fight to Save GP Practices from Tory Closures

Join the fight to protect your patients

28 July 2014

Many practices across the country are struggling – here is your chance to ask for help

Scores of practices across the country face closure and many more are likely to follow unless better support is given to GPs.

If these closures go ahead it will be a disaster for patients struggling to find a new GP – and for all the remaining neighbouring practices who will be left to mop up the mess.

Pulse is launching a campaign to raise awareness of the growing crisis in general practice and to help practices fight for the support they need.

As part of the campaign, Pulse will:

Lobby ministers to ensure practices facing closure are given emergency support to help them restructure and protect their patients;

Begin an e-petition calling for a parliamentary debate on the threat of practice closures across the UK;

Bring GP leaders together to discuss ideas on how the morale of general practice can be improved and GPs can be funded more sustainably to prevent more practices going to the wall;

And create resources for practices to share ideas and campaign locally for better support so that practices and patient services are protected.

We are calling on GPs to:

Let us know if you are struggling. From your stories we can build up a picture of what is happening across the UK. Email us in confidence at feedback@pulsetoday.co.uk;

Sign our e-petition calling for a parliamentary debate on practice closures here;

Click here to for regular updates from our campaign and the latest status on practice closures in your area.

Click here for more information

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