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John Torode – See off the Salt !

Seasoning and Spice In Cooking

If you were in Hungary, the Salt and Pepper cruet would be placed on the table, but if you were to use them it would be an insult to the cook implying he or she had not put enough in the cooking.

However, in the early hours of the morning and I turned on the TV to hear the MasterChef presenter John Torode tell a contestant that she had not added enough salt and pepper to her pork dish.

Just who the hell is John Torode ?

An Aussie who came over here to tell us Brits how to cook food !

The contestant wasn’t going to challenge Aussie John, but the Radical will.

Seasoning and spice is a personal thing.

The more salt free, the better for me, but others like salty food, even though it is not good for them.

You can always make cooked food too salty, but better to err on the side of caution and allow the consumer to add some to taste.

Salt is a preservative John, so unless you want to preserve chefs and their  contributions see off the salt.

Pepper is another issue, John.

 You should know that tasteless food needs spice, which is why the orientals spice up their food – Rice as their staple diet needs taste and adding pepper, which is grown there, helps.

The English palate needs little additives because of the subtle flavours in the food, both meat and veg.

That is true of the veg grown in my garden.


I even avoid the shock of too much heat.

From Veg bed to table as required.

 As a farmer the best lamb came from the hills where the grasses and heather were naturally grown.

 Beef from grass tastes better than corn feed beef though the condition at slaughter and hanging after slaughter at the right temperature all increases the flavour and taste of the beef.


Not forgetting the cooking.

I dont even add pepper to my beef steak or lamb chop, but I might to a stewing beef or lamb casserole along with herbs and even curry powder in small quantities to add taste.

So Salty John let the consumer decide and mind your P’s and S’s

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