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Jersey Plants Direct Gave Me Only Grief



The Radical

20th April 2016


I said I wouldn’t trade again with this company last year,

that post received 296 hits,


but they made a small effort to improve by posting online, on account sites,

when they were labelling plants for despatch.

However by doing so it incriminates them further.

And this year’s £200 worth of mini plugs is the last.

This website warns that this company can seriously damage
its reputation and your long suffering patience.

Let me explain.

On the 9th january 2016, I order 8 lots of 170 plug plants valued at £130.92
Three boxes are delivered on 27th February and two more on the 29th February – thats 850 plug plants in two days.

Never mind its freezing weather but to deliver so many baby plants in such a short time is ignorant. Each plant must be transplanted into a a larger pot – 9cm in my case and found room for in a garden green house.

I complained on the 4th March to a Peter Collins Customer Services, Jersey Choice Ltd

His response was that, orders made in January are despatched in late February but he will delay the last three lots until the “end of March”.

That was complete piffle because the last January order arrived on the 8th April.

I replied on 4th March -“After the 24th March will be fine – We ordered in January to be sure of “available stock”- “PLEASE SPREAD THE DELIVERY FROM 24th MARCH”

We also made the second order on 4th March as we needed 580 plants more at £64.96  

We waited patiently after 24th March but 5 boxes turn up on one day the 8th April  – thats 750 plug plants and that was as a result of prompting the firm by phone – “where are my plants” at the end of March.

Standing 5 hours in my greenhouse to transplant them and  at 72 years young is not much fun.

Its as if they are either laughing at the customer who deigns to challenge them or they are simply too ignorant to consider their customers service.

I complained again three times, twice by email and once by phone.

“Oh the person you emailed has left” they said, but pre-empting this I had also forwarded the same email to Peter Collins at Customer Service.

“Is Peter Collins management in the company , I ask, “No” he is certainly not was the reply.

“He will address you complaint” – but “NO he didn’t” ! – Not until I discovered that instructions in the email to cancel the last order had not bee carried out and the plants were ready for despatch.

So I rang again and was informed by a telephone operator that he would get Peter Collins himself to phone me.


I distinctly got the impression that this was not the first time the telephonist had got an ear full as a result of Peter Collins Customer Services.

Peter Collins rang me but only excuses excuses, he cancelled the final order without emotion.


No apology, No offer to replace missing plug plants -No we must try harder.
 Only take it or fucking leave it was my impression.

So to the management of Jersey Plants Direct and Jersey Choice Ltd, I say,
 I will fucking leave it next year, and leave it for you to continue to work
on your offshore interests without a contribution from me !!!!!!!

Don’t buy from Jersey Plants Direct and get only grief from them.

To my readers I say buy a packet of seeds, follow the instructions and produce your own plants.

We do.


Even after keeping 50 Tomato plants – Money maker and Gardeners Delight, for our own use, we had a multitude of spare to offer our friends and neighbours.

Buying plug plants is easy, but only part of Saturday in Our Garden.

The Kestrel Second earlies have sprouted, the early peas are 2″ high, carrots and cabbages sown – Broad beans are flowering, lots of dwarf beans and climbing beans snug in the greenhouse along with marigolds and you name it – lots of hardy annual and some perennial seeds.

The early daffodils are coming to an end but for a second show I suggest “Cheerfullness” which come with the multi coloured tulips.


We have them in pots and planted out.

The Bluebells are ringing in the spring and the the garden is full of blossom & colour.


The only curse now are the night frosts.


Delicates are protected by bird proof netting which lets the rain fall gently on the plant.

The bees are back, the birds are singing and all things are bright and beautiful, but I am sure it wont last.


At least I have got rid of Jersey Plants Direct and feel much better for it.

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