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Jeremy Clarkson gives thumbs-up to China’s road network

A screeshot from The Grand Tour


China’s vast road network has amazed the international audience yet again, after a trailer of the world’s most popular car show, The Grand Tour, became a hit on YouTube.


(People’s Daily Online)    17:24, February 22, 2019

“Britain is doomed,” said sharp-tongued British host Jeremy Clarkson in an episode of Amazon’s original show, The Grand Tour, which on this occasion focused on China’s road network. The Amazon original attracts over 120 million viewers from more than 200 countries and regions.

A screeshot from The Grand Tour

“In 1988, China had no motorway at all. Now thirty years later, China has more than any other country in the world,” Clarkson said while driving in the video. China has more than 84,000 miles of highway, including a bridge that is 34 miles long, he continued.

The program also praised China’s road network by saying that there is no mountain high enough, and no valley low enough, to stop China from reaching it by road.

“I’m from the future. You should go to China,” said one comment on the YouTube video. “Amazed by how they (Chinese) did all in 30 years,” exclaimed another

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