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Brexit SURPRISE: ‘Clueless’ Theresa May shocked at backlash to her deal with EU


THE BBC’s political editor yesterday revealed that Number 10 was actually very optimistic about their deal when it was signed off, and that the extent of the backlash in parliament was somewhat unexpected.


PUBLISHED: 13:45, Fri, Nov 30, 2018 | UPDATED: 14:59, Fri, Nov 30, 2018


Laura Kuenssberg was speaking to a panel on the BBC’s Brexitcast podcast on Thursday morning when she made the assertion. She said: “Number 10 did think – they thought the moment of having a deal would change the dynamic. They that would help them and ostensibly it has not.

“Number 10 had hoped to change the debate.

“They’d hoped that they would get more support by the very fact of having signatures on a piece of paper.


“That has not happened.”


Instead, both major parties have been left hugely divided, whilst Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Moggattempted to formulate a leadership coup that would overthrow Mrs May.

Brexit News: Ms Kuenssberg made the revelation on BBC Brexitcast on Thursday morning

Brexit News: Ms Kuenssberg made the revelation on BBC Brexitcast on Thursday morning (Image: AFP•GETTY)


Brexit: Fox says voting for May’s deal is ‘in the national interest’




Around 100 Tory MPs have said that they do not intend to vote for Theresa May’s deal.

Twitter user James McDonald wrote: “WTO is substantially better, but the clueless ⁦Theresa May, aided by the equally clueless Hammond, has left planning for it way to late. They are incompetence personified.”

Fellow Brexitcaster Katya Adler said that part of the problem was that her deal was too negative.

Ms Adler contended that the deal is being seen as a failure as, rather than focussing on what has been accomplished, it looks more negatively at what nightmarish scenarios have been avoided.

The veteran journalist told her podcast colleagues: “I felt like when I was at the EU summit and we were saying ‘it’s a bit sort of flat.’

“And that’s partly because nobody thinks this is the end of the process but partly also because this should have been Theresa May’s ’ta-daa’ moment where maybe she had something up her sleeve.

“She could declare ‘and not only have I given you this, this and this but there also this!’

“And there was a real absence of fanfare of any kind.

“When you talk about the Holy Grail – I mean – it’s so far removed from the Holy Grail.

“Yesterday we were told about economic collapse. Today, it’s about danger to our safety if we don’t vote for it.

“It’s all very negative and non-positive.”

Mrs May is currently attending a G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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