Civilisation has operated in two ways - To make one part of society more affluent and the other more wretched than would have been the lot of either in a natural state
There are Natural Rights and Civil Rights. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Where Our Power to Execute Our Natural Rights is Perfect, Government has No Legitimate Jurisdiction
When the Forces for War are Greater than the Forces for Peace   Then the World is in Danger
Politics is not a Dirty Word. It is a Way of Life. How is Your Way of Life Today ?
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The Radical
3rd October 2018
In fact it is getting that way already 
“The Sun is setting” — “behind yon Hill across the dreary moor”
In 2014, the British and Irish governments began a trial system of mutual recognition of each other’s visas for onward travel within the Common Travel Area.
 As of June 2016 it applies to Chinese and Indian nationals and is limited to certain visa types. 
Other nationalities and those holding non-qualifying visas still require separate visas to visit both countries and may not avail of a transit visa exception if wishing to transit though the UK to Ireland.
The Irish Revenue Commissioners estimate that 177,000 heavy goods vehicles and 208,000 light vans cross the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland every month.
In 2016, the total value of export sales from Northern Ireland to Ireland was £3.4 billion.
 Businesses in Northern Ireland with fewer than 250 employees accounted for 80% of the cross-border sale in goods.
The open border has encouraged the creation of all-island supply chains.
 The Government’s sectoral report on agriculture notes that the food and drink industry between the UK and Ireland is fully integrated and treated as a single trading unit by businesses.
Dependency on cross-border trade is most notable in the agri-food sector.
The Government acknowledges that North-South cooperation on agriculture means the island of Ireland has become “a single epidemiological unit for the purposes of animal health and welfare”.
Agricultural goods in different stages of production cross the land border for processing and sale.

For example, annually:over 400,000 pigs are exported from Ireland for processing in Northern Ireland;

almost 400,000 lambs are exported from Northern Ireland to Ireland for processing; and
over 800 million litres of milk are exported from Northern Ireland to be processed and then exported from the Republic of Ireland.
Ireland has 208 border crossings, officials from North and South agree
‘Nightmare’ of mapping out all roads, paths and dirt tracks that traverse 500km frontier
Thu, Apr 26, 2018, 01:24
Brian Hutton 
Ireland has 208 Border crossings, according to the first officially agreed count since the island was partitioned, almost a century ago.
Emails between Government technicians reveal they endured a “nightmare” trying to definitively map out all roads, paths and dirt tracks that traverse the 500km frontier.
 In addition to technical limitations, there was confusion about crossings where the Border runs up the middle of roads or juts in and out of routes, or where roads are privately owned on one side and publicly maintained on the other.
The joint mapping exercise involving the Department of Transport and the Northern Ireland Department for Infrastructure, which started last year, came to light after being referred to in minutes released after a Freedom of Information request.
Newly disclosed documents charting the process since then show the Border runs along the middle of 11 roads, which is more than twice the number originally believed, while the frontier meets in the middle of at least three bridges and dissects two ferry crossings.
‘Talking shop’
Mr Corbyn has said a solution must be found to end the deadlock at Stormont.
Northern Ireland has been without a government since January 2017, when power-sharing between the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and Sinn Féin collapsed.
He has called for the British Irish Intergovernmental Conference (BIIC) to be revived in order to help make progress.
“The British and Irish governments met many times during the last impasse – it seems to me a sensible way forward,” 
“We must step up to find a creative solution in the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement that avoids a return to direct Westminster rule,” Mr Corbyn commented.
What is the BIIC?
Convening the BIIC is favoured by nationalists, but opposed by the DUP and the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) who regard it as a “talking shop”.
Which is why the DUP favour Boris Johnson’s “Hard Brexit”.
“When in doubt do nothing” 
Ireland does not want to leave the EU, but it does not want to return to a pre Good Friday solution.
Corbyn is being canny.

He is determined to leave the solution to the Irish people, while determined not to rule Northern Ireland from Westminster.

Good Friday Agreement
The conflict in Northern Ireland, as well as dividing both Governments, paradoxically also led to increasingly closer co-operation and improved relations between Ireland and the United Kingdom
A single wholesale electricity market exists on the island of Ireland since 2007. Work towards common arrangements for the transmission and distributions of natural gas, including a common retail market arrangements by 2014, on the island are also underway. 
In 2004, a natural gas interconnection agreement was signed between the United Kingdom and Ireland, linking Ireland with Scotland via the Isle of Man. 
In 2011, the members of the British-Irish Council agreed an “All Islands Approach (AIA)” to electricity grid infrastructure and have launched a programme of joint work examining renewable energy trading as well as interconnection and market integration.
Shared bodies
The United Kingdom and Ireland share a number civic bodies such as the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, that provides sea-rescue across Britain and Ireland. 
The three lighthouse authorities in the archipelago (the Northern Lighthouse Board, Trinity House Lighthouse Service and the Commissioners of Irish Lights) are funded by a single General Lighthouse Fund managed by the UK Department for Transport and paid for by light dues levied on ships calling at British and Irish ports.

While this broad arrangement will continue, the total cost of the Commissioners of Irish Lights’ work in Ireland (not Northern Ireland) will be met from income raised domestically as from 2015—16.

Military cooperation
The Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom normalised military cooperation with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Irish Department of Defence and the British Ministry of Defence in January 2015. 
Northern Ireland is a British Colony of Ireland  and must eventually go the way of all Occupied Colonies.
It must be returned to Ireland .
But Ireland, who have a geographical, political and economic tie to Britain, must concede that in order to gain the North it must give ground in the south.
This would be best done by more shared facilities by shared bodies.
Production, Distribution and Exchange.
Free movement of people and goods.
So in the first place the people must be given the option of much closer ties through an electronic pass system.
Vote for integration and get the benefits. 
Electronic Border Passes can be given to those who want unification.
It should work both ways.
Trade would  only take place between to equals, those having Border passes.
Those who want hard borders don’t get Ireland’s  passes.
The South would lose out too but so would the North
Swings and roundabouts – Some lose but most gain.
It’s only confrontational to those who don’t want unification.
As far as the EU is concerned – the South would need to give that up !
That’s Production And Distribution.

Integrated business and transport

As for Exchange Ireland must adopt the £Sterling.
Its Hong Kong in reverse !

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