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There are Natural Rights and Civil Rights. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
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When the Forces for War are Greater than the Forces for Peace   Then the World is in Danger
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Ho cm

Impressions of a Tourist in Vietnam

Ho cm
Leaving  on a Jet plane – today-
The Radical & Rene-
28th Jan 19 –Time in HCMC – 07.00
The Leaders want to encourage Tourists.
15 days entry without a visa for some westerners and some asians
Mostly fixed prices but still a little bargaining.
Vietnamese is not ready for vistors.
“They don’t care about tourists” 
And it shows North & South
Two weeks in  Hanoi and Two weeks in Ho Chi Minh City
within two UK winter months in warm to hot conditions
Self Catering accommodation both times
Mostly it is down to bad planning and indifference.
The feeling is also that they want to left alone
No interference from outside after all the struggles they have endured
There are individual nice friendly people we talked to.
And there are ignorant rude and selfish motorists
It shows in their driving habits.
We saw no Police in two weeks.
Not one on duty or patrol car.
( We understand they come out at night looking for drunken drivers )
The Tourist police were conspicuous by their absence 
and we understand those who dialed 113 met with a language barrier.
The same for the one Tourist information office in town 
The public bus system is a good way to judge a people.
If you can find the information of routes and stops 
when they change and but not online.
There is no attempt in the two cities to have directional signs in more than Vietnamese
So our verdict for tourists is take Vietnam with a pinch of salt and a safety first pin
And yes we did visit most of the Museums and Mausoleums 
and Yes we give you a mixed Western and Asian opinion

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