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If Boris doesn’t LEAVE on the 31st – the TORIES ARE TOAST


Dear Supporter,

We all want to leave the EU on October 31st, and we’ve all had enough of the parliamentary games. The hard fact is, however, that the Prime Minister’s deal is not the proper Brexit that 17.4m of us voted for. Anybody who believes in a true Brexit should oppose it.

Last night in Westminster, Nigel Farage gave a devastating analysis of what’s wrong with the deal – and why a Clean-Break Brexit is the best option for Britain.

Watch the video HERE
A new independent analysis of the deal by Brexit Facts4EU.Org, compiled with legal advice, spells out 10 ways in which Boris’ new EU treaty is not Brexit.
Download the PDF
The reality is that we need a General Election so that a Leave alliance can deliver a thumping majority for a proper Brexit.

Kind Regards,

Richard Tice
Chairman of The Brexit Party

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