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Hunt’s Contract is a Cancerous Growth

Contracts to hurt cancer care, doctors tell Hunt


MORE than 470 cancer doctors wrote to Jeremy Hunt yesterday to explain that imposing new contracts on junior doctors would have “negative effects” on cancer care in England.


Friday 19th

posted by Morning Star in Britain


The letter, signed by consultants and junior doctors in oncology, said the Health Secretary’s decision to impose a contract would damage the recruitment, retention and training of NHS cancer doctors as well as widen the gap that already exists on cancer survival between Britain and other countries.


A poll of 600 junior doctors and consultants carried out by the Association of Cancer Physicians (ACP) and the Faculty of Clinical Oncology of the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) found that 95 per cent agreed the new contract would adversely affect outcomes for cancer patients.


“One in two of the population will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime,” said Dr David Bloomfield, from the Royal College of Radiologists.


“We are short of cancer specialists now and this is going to get worse as it is.”


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