Civilisation has operated in two ways - To make one part of society more affluent and the other more wretched than would have been the lot of either in a natural state
There are Natural Rights and Civil Rights. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Where Our Power to Execute Our Natural Rights is Perfect, Government has No Legitimate Jurisdiction
When the Forces for War are Greater than the Forces for Peace   Then the World is in Danger
Politics is not a Dirty Word. It is a Way of Life. How is Your Way of Life Today ?


Thanks to it’s novel use in the soundtrack of “The Sting”,

RAGTIME music is THE new sound of the moment.

Well, not so new, of course for it’s really a case of revived interest in a black music form with it’s roots resting way back in the 1890’s BEFORE the birth of even JAZZ or the BLUES.
Despite it’s long journey, in 1974 ragtime burst forth anew on the “pop” scene like a breath of fresh air.
In contrast to other black American forms, RAGTIME relies not on improvisation but on formalised syncopation thus, while it is rhythmically influenced by Afro -American tradition, RAGTIME also owes much to serious European music and indeed encompasses many diverse influences:marching band musiuc,the polka,the quadrille, bar songs and love songs all contribute something to it’s development.
And despite it’s black American beginnings ,RAGTIME soon won favour with white audiences both in Europe and America.
Indeed, the first published RAG came from a white imitator William Krell whose Mississippi Rag appeared in 1897.
It’s greatest exponent though,was a talented young black pianist/composer,Scott Joplin born in Texarkana Texas on 24th November 1868.
Joplin developed musically through working the honky tonks of St Louis and Chicago. He also studied music at George Smith College, Missouri.
In 1899 Maple Leaf Rag was published establishing Joplin as “The King of RAGTIME”
According to some sources the name “ragtime” may come from the “ragged or syncopated rhythm” of the right hand. … The defining characteristic of ragtime music is a specific type of syncopation in which melodic accents occur between metrical beats.
This week on rightsandwrongs.co.uk we devote the music to RAGTIME with LOVE
Geoffrey Love (4 September 1917 – 8 July 1991), known as Geoff Love, was a prolific British arranger and composer of easy listening and pop versions of film themes
Love was born in Todmorden, West Riding of Yorkshire, the only son and younger of two surviving children (an elder sister Cornelia) of African American Thomas Edward (Kidd) Love and his English wife, Frances Helen Maycock (1892–1975), an actress and singer.

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