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Housewife or High Street Wife ? – Bolied in the Bag Women or the Takeaway Wife

What’s cooking good looking?


Women who admit they can’t boil an egg


(But can spend all day shopping)


By Daily Mail Reporter

One in six British women struggles to crack the art of cooking, a survey revealed today.

More than half said their husband is a better cook.

The poll of 2,000 men and women commissioned by the Good Food channel found that the typical female can

cook only seven dishes from scratch.

Microwave meal: Women blame their lack of skills in the kitchen on not having enough time

More than one in five women struggles with a basic curry, one in six cannot bake a cake and one in ten has never cooked a roast.

One in 20 even messes up boiling an egg or preparing a cooked breakfast.

Around half admitted that their mothers would have easily fixed up any of those dishes.

One in ten women can cook fewer than three meals without looking at a recipe book or asking for help.

Eight in ten admitted cooking the same dishes over and over again. Fussy children, hectic lifestyles and keeping

costs down were blamed for them being ‘stuck in a rut’.

Like mother made: The average woman can cook just seven meals from scratch, half as many as their mum could

Good Food spokesman Roopa Gulati said: ‘The research shows how busy lifestyles and a lack of culinary know-

how are impacting on the dishes we feel confident to cook.

‘Everyone is increasingly pushed for time, and women in particular are finding it harder than ever to balance

work and home lives.

‘Many are resorting to quick fixes in the kitchen, rather than cooking from scratch.’

The study asked 2,000 men and women and revealed the true extent of their culinary skills, or lack of.

Worrying trend: One in 20 women can’t even boil an egg or cook a fry up

A typical female can cook just seven different meals from scratch – half as many as their mums were able to serve

up, researchers found.

More than one in five women struggle with a basic curry, one in six don’t have the culinary skills to even bake a

cake and thirty per cent have ‘no idea’ how to make a meringue.

Ten per cent of women have never cooked a roast, 13 per cent wouldn’t know where to start with a fish pie and

one in ten can’t make lasagne. A further one in six, even shy away when tasked with making fairy cakes.

Worryingly, one in 20 admit they can’t even boil an egg.

However, half of women admitted their mothers wouldn’t have struggled fixing up any of these dishes.

The survey found one in six regularly get their husband to fix up week night dinners.

More than 50 per cent of women surveyed admitted their ‘other half’s a better cook’ and one in ten are either too

busy or working late to get home in time.

But for those who do venture into the kitchen, eight in ten admitted cooking the same meals over and again and

only two per cent said they have picked up a recipe book and had a crack at something different.

Fussy kids, hectic lifestyles and keeping costs down were blamed for them being ‘stuck in a rut’. While three in

ten have no time to experiment.

The most common meals cooked up in the nation’s kitchens were lasagne, casserole, and shepherd’s pie.

Shockingly, one in ten women can cook fewer than three meals without looking at a recipe book or asking for


However, 30 years ago four in ten women could easily whip up twenty or more meals off the top of their head.

In addition, when it comes to deciding what to have to eat, three in ten plan their meals in advance to ‘make life

easy’ and fewer than two per cent look in a recipe book or online for inspiration.

One in five said they use whatever is left in the cupboard or fridge.

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