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Home Grown

Saturday in My Garden

March 1st 2015

The 7 Raised Beds

All weeded and dug over ready for planting

This year I am growing First Earlies – “Duke of York” and Second Earlies “Kestrel”Potatoes

But the Shallots are planted

Both Red and White

And inbetween a row of Carrots –

And on the outside Broad Beans

Thats is the trick with Raised beds

Give them a good dose of a Compound Fertilizer and you can reduce planting spacing

Keep the Soil fed, weeded and watered and take off early by thinnings

Composting if you have it over winter.

I add  composted grass cuttings to coffee grounds and everything in between too, but topping up with soil may be needed every few years.

Whats next for the raised beds ?

Planting the potatoes and banking up later but Early peas, and Cabbages are being forced in trays and will go out and be covered from birds and frost.

I keep it simple and easy these days.

I have Courgettes, Onions in trays now and later Dwarf beans seeds in tray

The Greenhouse

Cleared and cleaned but lots of Spring and Summer flowering bulbs are being egged on.

180 Mimulus plugs are in 9cm pots as well as 180 Geraniums

These Bedding plants are for the Flower borders and I sell some on each weekend.

More Bedding Plants are on the way :-

Gazania, Lobelia, Verbena,Petunia,Begonia, Pansy,Salvia,and Nicotiana,

The Garden

This year I have invested in some Shrubs and Perennials

Fuchsia Hawkshead,Scabiosa Blue,Viburnum Dawn,Syringa Vulgaris, Kerria Japonica,Spiraea, Ribes, Forsythia,Incavilla,Alstroemeria,and Lilies.

All these will either be planted out in the garden or in larger plant pots to suit

I have 25 Everbearer Albion Strawberry plants all nicely bedded in.

We are still having some colder nights and some plants need covering to avoid being touched especially forced Tulips.

But all the Cream Crocuses and some Hyacinths have been snapped up by passing trade.

Roll on Mothers Day -15th and Spring 20th but onthe 29th we get one hour less in bed.

Good Gardening and do get in touch with advice for this amateur.


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