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Hello Honey-What’s Your Aim ?

Project launched to increase honey production in Wales


A new project to increase honey production in Wales is urging farmers and landowners to have beehives on their land and so help boost the Welsh honey industry and maybe gain access to farming support.


According to the recently formed Cywain Bee Project having beehives on land could not only help the Welsh honey industry, but possibly lead to farmers and landowners achieving additional support through environmental management schemes.


While Welsh honey is much in demand, research commissioned as part of the project has highlighted the disparity between demand and supply with requests from retailers as far away as London.


“We know there is an eager market for Welsh honey and by declaring their hives farmers will not only help honey producers but also help them qualify for additional farm support,” according to Cywain Bee’s development manager, Haf Wyn Hughes.


He says the Welsh honey industry is struggling to keep up with demand — a fact highlighted by a survey of retailers in North Wales.


It found that the demand for local honey was not being met, with one beekeeper and honey seller claiming the potential to more than treble his current annual sale of 30,000lb if more local honey was available.


The project has been established to work with farmers, landowners and beekeepers across Wales to increase production by identifying and improving foraging sites for bees, as well as providing a mentoring service for honey producers to add value and access new markets.


Over the coming months it will undertake further research from across Wales as well as attending events and shows to highlight to farmers and landowners the importance of creating landscapes and habitats that are favourable to honey


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