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Health – United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust Complaints

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Complaints

Have you been badly treated ?

 Has it cost you money ?

 Have you only thought about complaining ?

 Don’t take it lying down !

 Make a Claim

 Do it yourself through the Small Claims Court.

 Don’t be brow beaten by the system

 Keep your resolve


This was a claim for Travelling Expenses for poor service.

 Throughout the complaint I was continually refused justice by the Hospital Authorities.


The complaint !


  1. Sent for overnight tests at Boston General NHS from Lincoln –Reported at 6pm and they sent me home without treatment. I claimed 45p per mile travelling expenses, to and from home, they offered 15p.


2 Sent to Gainsborough Hospital NHS from Lincoln for a Neurological Consultation and shortly after another at Lincoln County – I claimed 45p per mile travelling expenses, to and from home, they offered 15p


3 Refused Orthopaedic Surgery at Lincoln County NHS, GP requested surgery at Sheffield NHS. Travelled 9 times to Sheffield from Lincoln for the Surgery- I claimed 45p per mile, they offered 15p


Total claimed  £605 .67 including Court fees and Expenses


They paid me £37.10 which I rejected

They paid me another £175.25 which I rejected

After taking them to the Small Claims Court they paid me £393.32 as an Ex Gratia Payment, ie 45p per mile.


The moral to this story is that Lincolnshire NHS and their successor Lincolnshire West CCG did not want to challenge my claim in a Court of Law, so they coughed up and those who feel badly treated succeed, if they don’t weaken.


Don’t give up – Get Justice


Need help? – Get in touch here.

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