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Health -NHS Xmas Number 1 – Download the Song

Make the NHS the Xmas Number 1

An NHS tribute song mash-up of Coldplay and Simon &

Garfunkel is being released tomorrow (Monday December 9th)

and is in the running to be the Xmas Number 1.

The song, “A Bridge over You”, is sung by doctors and nurses

in the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust Choir. The choir is

based at Lewisham Hospital which recently won a high court

victory over Jeremy Hunt, preventing the downgrading of the

hospital’s A&E and maternity units.

Dr Louise Irvine, of the National Health Action Party and chair

of the Save Lewisham Campaign said:

“Lewisham and Greenwich Hospital Trust choir’s poignant song

“A Bridge Over You” is not only a beautiful and moving song

but a wonderful celebration of the NHS and the incredible work

of NHS staff.”

“I urge all those who support the NHS to buy this single. What

better tribute to our NHS, and what better way of

demonstrating how much we value our NHS, than to make this

the Christmas number one.”

The mash-up of Bridge Over Troubled Water and Fix You is

accompanied by an emotional video featuring patients, doctors

and nurses.

All profits from the song will be going to charity – to Macmillan

Cancer Support and local health care charities.

The NHS Choir appeared on Gareth Malone’s TV show “Sing

While You Work”.

You can watch the video of the song at:


Please download the song  – and help it reach number one.

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