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Hay Ewe

Farmer’s shock as ewe gives birth to five lambs

YOUNG North Wales farmer Gareth Pierce got the shock of his life when discovered one of his ewes had given birth to five healthy lambs.

“Initially, I counted six and could not believe it. But then I saw one already had iodine on its navel and had got out from a neighbouring pen. I have had quads before, but never five,” said Mr Pierce, of Swn-y-Gwynt, Holywell.

The ewe, a Mule cross, was bought in Lancaster and had been sponged with 120 others for early tupping to produce lambs for the spring market.

“This particular ewe is not all that big but she scanned for four lambs, so to get one extra was a big surprise.

“The quintuplets are doing well – three are with the ewe, another has been fostered on to another ewe and the fifth is being bottle fed.”

Mr Pierce, who runs 500 commercial ewes on rented land, started his farming career at the age of 14 when he was given three ewes as payment for working for his grandfather, John Pierce.

He built up the flock while working for his father Alyn’s agri-contracting business, cutting 3,400 hectares (8,500 acres) of land for silage each year.

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