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Havana – May Day 2017

Cuban youth will lead the May Day march in Havana. Photo: Padrón, Abel


This year’s May Day march in the Cuban capital will be led by 50,000 youths who will march “For Fidel, for Raúl, for the historic leadership of the Revolution, and for the youths that gave their lives during the process, for our combatants and for the history of Cuba,” according to Susely Morfa González, a member of the Council of State and first secretary of the Young Communist League (UJC) National Committee, speaking on April 25. 

“Cubans have many reasons to continue defending what we have achieved. And if we wish to honor the Comandante en Jefe, the best way to be faithful to his legacy is to do something good every day. As such, the march represents the main expression of the continuation of the Revolution,” she stated. 

“We youths will participate on the march alongside all trade union sectors, but above all we will march with the Cuban people committed to these times and the future of the homeland,” noted Morfa González, speaking during an event held prior to International Workers’ Day in the Cuban Workers’ Federation’s (CTC) Lázaro Peña Theater, where final preparations for the march were announced. 

Meanwhile, Luis Manuel Castanedo Smith, CTC secretary general in Havana, explained that the aim of the march is to achieve a mass mobilization which expresses the conscious participation, unity and commitment of the Cuban people and workers to their Revolution. 

In regards to the logistics of the march through Havana’s Plaza de la Revolución, he noted that the youth bloc will be followed by Education (40,000 people), Health (50,000), Construction (25,000) and Community Services (5,000) sector workers.

These will be followed by blocs from the Tourism (10,000), Communications (10,000) and Science (30,000) sectors. Meanwhile, Industrial workers (80,000) will be joined by residents of the municipalities of Cerro, Cotorro and San Miguel; those affiliated with the Transport sector (40,000) will march with residents from the municipality of Boyeros; while Civil Service (60,000), Trade (60,000) and Cultural sector workers (30,000), will be accompanied by inhabitants from Plaza, Centro Habana and Playa, respectively.

These blocs will be followed by Food sector workers (10,000) and residents of the municipality of Marianao; those linked to the Sugar industry (40,000) will march with people from Arroyo Naranjo and Diez de Octubre; Agricultural, Forestry, and Tobacco workers (50,000) with the municipalities of Guanabacoa and La Habana del Este; the Energy and Mining sector (10,000) will be accompanied by inhabitants of Regla, while Civil Defense workers (50,000) will round-off the march, reported Castanedo Smith.

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