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Harry Dunn’s mother celebrates Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election

Charlotte Charles (L) is hopeful that Joe Biden (R) can help secure justice for young Harry
Sunday, 08 November 2020 6:53 PM

The mother of tragic Northamtonshire teenager, Harry Dunn, has rejoiced at Joe Biden’s success in the US presidential election in the hope that the latter’s victory over Donald Trump might bring about a resolution to the complex legal and diplomatic case surrounding Harry’s killer.

Late last month, Charlotte Charles publicly reached out to Biden by calling on him to help extradite Harry’s killer to the UK if he triumphs at the presidential election.

Charles says she has “renewed hope” for justice from Biden, in part because the president-elect has himself lost a child in a road collision.

Talking to Sky News (November 08), Charles said the “Justice for Harry” campaign team had been in touch with the Biden team representatives and that they’d “work even harder to befriend even more of his [Biden’s

The US State Department has all but ruled out extraditing the woman charged with the tragic death of young Harry Dunn.

The prospect of bringing Sacoolas to justice receded even further last week after plans to hold a “virtual” trial collapsed when a local UK prosecutor dismissed the scheme as impractical.

It remains to be seen to what extent (if any) the Biden administration is willing to accommodate the pleas of justice from Harry’s grieving family.

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