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Give the Referee More than a Pair of Specs !

Once again it’s the footballing system
that is under the cosh…..
The Radical-
9th Jan.2017
Because the Referees are not good enough at making the correct decisions
The TV pundits talk about it every week 
The officials & fans can see the obvious decision mistakes,
both at the ground and on the box.
Football needs  two things.
Replay technology must be brought into games
and two referees on the field at the same time,
one covering each half of the field, switching round at half time,
to avoid any accusations of brown envelopes being offered.
The case for Touchline technology has been proved correct 
but where is camera technology in goal mouth areas ?
Before any penalty decision is given, or not given,  the offending sides captain, 
must have the opportunity to demand a camera replay.
It is used increasingly in other sports and to good effect. 
All sides are then satisfied and that includes the fans 
because matches are being decided by poor refereeing decisions, 
and the fans deserve better.
The case for two referees stands too.
The fourth official is pointless when he or she stands on the touchline.
The glaringly obvious reason for having a referee in each half is 
that the speed of the game has increased  
the improved skills, the cheating by players -“professional fouls” –
 is all too much for one referee to cover or keep up with.
Two referees could confer
and it would be advisable for the linesmen to be more involved, 
except when their judgement is suspect,
and by returning them to being responsible for substitutions. 
The Referees could signal to any touchline home official 
to indicate the extra time being added.
Better to slow the game down, increase the “added minutes” – 
“Fergie time”than allow a game to be decided on poor eyesight.

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