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Give Her A Bloody Good Roasting (Tin)

Roast dinners in decline

FAMILY meal times are becoming a thing of the past, according to research hosted by Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC).

Christmas sees relatives come together round the dining table but time consuming meals such as roast dinners are seeing a decline of 8.4 per cent a year, with HCC stating ‘convenience is crucial’.

18 December 2014 | By Alice Singleton

Research showed how younger consumers were not spending time preparing meals requiring a certain degree of effort.

The average time spent preparing and cooking a meal has reduced by half in the last 35 years, with the current figure standing at 31 minutes, in comparison to one hour in 1980.

HCC’s UK market development executive, Sue Franklin said: “People lead fast-moving lifestyles that don’t allow for long periods of time spent in the kitchen.

“Research has shown that consumers are moving towards dish-based cuisine such as chilli, curry and spaghetti bolognese, and away from traditional roasts.”

In order to speed up proceedings in the kitchens, research revealed how 12 per cent of all meals are now cooked in a microwave, an increase of 7 per cent since 1980.

“Continental cuisine has influenced our eating habits, as have supermarket ‘three for £10’ deals,” explained Ms Franklin.

With 44 per cent of the population cooking for themselves, research has revealed how family time at the dining table is a rarity, with only 10 per cent cooking for a family of four

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