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Boris gets ‘Brexit jet’ for official business – and it will be painted red, white and blue

BORIS JOHNSON’S RAF Voyager plane used for official travel will be transformed from grey to Britain’s red, white and blue national colours.

PUBLISHED: 21:19, Tue, Jun 16, 2020 | UPDATED: 21:32, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

The source told Sky News: “Boris doesn’t like it being grey. He is getting it painted up”.

The plane is getting its paint at an airport in Cambridge and will be finished at the end of June.


A spokesman for the Royal Air Force said: “An RAF Voyager is currently in Cambridgeshire for pre-planned works”.

Boris Johnson plane

Boris Johnson’s plane will be getting a makeover (Image: GETTY )

Boris Johnson's plane

The plane will be transformed to the Union Jack colours (Image: GETTY )

When he was Foreign Secretary, Mr Johnson said: “What I will say about the Voyager, I think it’s great, but it seems to be very difficult to get hold of.

“And also, why does it have to be grey?”

He also said in his role as Foreign Secretary that he would like to have a “Brexit jet”.

The aircraft, which is based on the Airbus A330, has been fitted with 58 business seats.

Andy Netherwood, a former RAF pilot and defence commentator, said: “The issue is project creep.

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Social Distancing

Coronavirus has meant most aircrafts have been halted for weeks (Image: GETTY )

“If it really is an all-over shiny paint scheme then it’s starting to look – operationally and politically – much more like Air Force One for Boris.”

Air Force One carries the US President on official business.

The RAF plane had a £10 million makeover in 2016 so it could be used by former Prime Minister David Cameron.

Theresa May used the aeroplane to fly to countries, including Argentina and New York.

An RAF source said speculation such a plane would have an “appropriate paint scheme based on the Union flag would not be incorrect”.


Airlines have urged the Government to allow them to fly again (Image: GETTY )

This comes as both the EU and the UK continue to negotiate a Brexit deal.

The UK Government has made it clear they would not be extending the transition period further than the end of this year.

Mr Johnson said: “I don’t think we’re actually that far apart, but what we need now is to see a bit of oomph in the negotiations.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has said he wanted a ‘Brexit Jet’ (Image: GETTY )

“I certainly don’t want to see it going on to the autumn/winter as I think perhaps in Brussels they would like.”

The Prime Minister has called for a post-Brexit trade agreement to be reached with the EU by the end of July.

The majority of flights in the UK have been halted since the end of March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Airlines have been putting pressure on The Government to let them resume flying as soon as possible.

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