Civilisation has operated in two ways - To make one part of society more affluent and the other more wretched than would have been the lot of either in a natural state
There are Natural Rights and Civil Rights. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
Where Our Power to Execute Our Natural Rights is Perfect, Government has No Legitimate Jurisdiction
When the Forces for War are Greater than the Forces for Peace   Then the World is in Danger
Politics is not a Dirty Word. It is a Way of Life. How is Your Way of Life Today ?


Summertime, and the living is easy ?

24 – 30 August 2015   Flower garden job checklist It’s time to…   Catch earwigs in upturned pots crammed with newspaper or straw on canes among dahlias, and destroy

Dig This

17 – 23 August 2015 Flower garden job checklist It’s time to…   Save seed from ornamental annual quaking grass and many other garden plants Water camellias regularly as drought

Rene & Radical’s Garden In August

Holiday Harvest at Home     The 5 Lily Baferarri’s are flowering in all their white magnificent.Bulbs were planted in a large pot in early March   10th August 2015

Harvest Holiday

10 – 16 August 2015   Flower garden job checklist It’s time to…   Deadhead flowers of lady’s mantle before they set seed Water camellias to make sure they don’t

Water Butts Full ?

3 – 9 August 2015 Flower garden job checklist It’s time to… Deadhead pelargoniums and other summer bedding plants Summer prune wisteria, cutting back whippy sideshoots to about 20cm Water

Rain to the Rescue

27 – 2 August 2015 Flower garden job checklist It’s time to… Summer prune wisteria, shortening all long wispy sideshoots back to about 20cm Water hydrangea bushes with a hydrangea

Garden Harvest Feast ?

20 – 26 July 2015 We have 2 x 1000 litre water tanks taking rain water from the house gutters. These are still  insufficient for our Vegetable Garden needs at

Harvest Time ?

13 – 19 July 2015 Flower garden job checklist It’s time to… Pick bulbils from lily stems and pot them up to raise new plants Give shrubs and perennial plants

It’s OK If You Don’t Weaken !

6 – 12 July 2015 Gardening requires a lot of water – most of it in the form of perspiration. Lou Erickson, critic and poet ——————————————————— LAWN CARE Daisy Daisy

Raised Beds ?

29 – 5 July 2015 Flower garden job checklist It’s time to… Collect and sow seed from foxgloves Take cuttings from pinks (Dianthus) Prune philadelphus after flowering, removing stems carrying

Food From My Place

HOME GROWN June 22nd Growing your own food depends on the size of your garden plot, the soil conditions and the weather. Its time consuming and restricting and unless you

The Watershed

22 – 28 June 2015 Flower garden job checklist It’s time to… Tie shoots of honeysuckle and climbing roses to supports Pinch out the shoot tips of dahlias to encourage

After the Refreshing Rain

15 – 21 June 2015 Flower garden job checklist It’s time to… Keep baskets and patio pots watered Spray roses to protect them from pests and diseases Cut the foliage

Garden Jobs- 8th-14th June

8 – 14 June 2015 Flower garden job checklist It’s time to… Use secateurs to remove suckers growing from the stems of standard roses Tie tall border plants like delphiniums

Your Plot in June

1 – 7 June 2015  Flower garden job checklist It’s time to… Plant out tender summer-bedding plants, such as begonias, once all risk of frost has passed  Look out for aphids on lupins, and spray with a soap-based insecticide if infected  Push canes into pots of tall-growing lilies and tie their stems to it for support  Cut down pulmonarias and doronicum, then drench the soil around them with a liquid feed  Lift and divide clumps of primulas  Cut back the foliage of daffodils to clear beds for summer planting  Trim leaves and faded flowers from oriental poppies to encourage new growth Fruit and veg job checklist It’s time to… Sow seeds of herbs in pots to grow on your kitchen windowsill, such as coriander, parsley and basil  Look out for woolly aphid on fruit trees, and spray any with soapy water  Thin out seedlings from earlier sowings to their final spacings  Cover strawberries with netting to keep birds off the fruit  Sow seeds of the following vegetables outside now: radish, runner beans, calabrese, pak choi, mizuna, marrows, courgettes, chicory, kohl rabi, lettuce, marrows, swede, turnip, French beans and endive Greenhouse job checklist It’s time to… Water crops in growing bags and pots daily, adding a liquid feed once a week  Introduce biological controls if you have discovered pests, such as whitefly and red spider mite Pinch out developing sideshoots on tomato stems  Train cucumbers and tomatoes to supports  Increase shading and ventilation to keep temperatures down on hot days  Take cuttings from hydrangeas, fuchsias, pelargoniums, osteospermums, marguerites, coleus and verbena Around the garden job checklist It’s time to… Give wooden furniture a facelift, sanding smooth then applying teak wood oil  Cut back climbing plants that are hanging down from arches and pergolas  Empty, mix and refill compost bins to improve the composting process 

Gardeners Questions

18 – 24 May 2015 Job of the week Raise crops in a grow bag Anyone can grow tomatoes, even if you only have a balcony! All you need is

Your Palace ?

11 – 17 May 2015 Job of the week – Its time to ….. Flower garden job It’s time to… Plant up hanging baskets, and leave them in a sheltered

Green Fingered ?

4 – 10 May 2015 Flower garden job checklist It’s time to… Plant out container-grown roses and shrubs Fork compost into flower beds to prepare soil for summer bedding Tie

Home Grown 2

My Cottage Vegetable Garden’s Seven Raised Beds. Any standard wooden construction that retains the soil and makes for easy access for the disabled is preferred to an open type plot

Ignorance or Stubbornness ?

A COM PLANT ? This year I bought green plant stock from JParkers and the quality of the produce received was mixed. They take orders, you pay in advance and

Time & Tide –

20 – 26 April 2015 Flower garden job checklist It’s time to… Tie in young delphinium growth to plant supports Sow seeds of hardy annual flowers directly into beds where

Green Fingered ?

6 – 12 April 2015 Flower garden job checklist It’s time to… Plant out perennials in groups of three, five or seven for maximum effect Sprinkle fertiliser around clumps of

Green Fingers ?

30 – 5 April 2015 Flower garden job checklist It’s time to… Fill gaps in flower beds with primulas and polyanthus Prune forsythia and flowering currants as soon as flowers

Garden Jobs

23 – 29 March 2015 Flower garden job checklist It’s time to… Take cuttings from delphiniums using strong young shoots, and root them in free-draining compost Wash off greenfly from

Jobs a good’un

16 – 22 March 2015 Flower garden job checklist It’s time to… Sprinkle granular fertiliser round roses, shrubs and along the base of hedges Sow sweet peas into deep pots

Pisum Sativum – Pea Early

Pea ‘Avola’ (First Early) – Hardy Annual Ideal For: patio, kitchen garden Flowering Period: June, July, August Sowing Months: March, April, May, June Position: full sun First early Pisum sativum

Greenfingers – 9th – 16th March

Flower garden job checklist 9 – 15 March 2015 It’s time to… Plant lily bulbs in pots for colourful summer displays Prune shrub roses to low new shoots Cut back

Home Grown

Saturday in My Garden March 1st 2015 The 7 Raised Beds All weeded and dug over ready for planting This year I am growing First Earlies – “Duke of York”

Gardeners, The First in Spades ?

FLOWER GARDEN It’s time to… Prune summer-flowering clematis, cutting above a low pair of green buds Cut out dead stems of ceratostigma and hardy fuchsias Prune all stems of Hydrangea


  TIME TO GET THE OLD LAWN MOWER OUT !– –>                    !– –>     MARCH 1st             You will need Petrol lawnmower Rag or cloth Socket wrench Spanner Do it:                        

Jobs for the Week

16th – 22nd February Garden Jobs of the week Sow seeds indoors Growing from seed is a simple and economical way of raising new plants for your garden. While many

Job Checklist

9th – 15th February Flower garden job checklist It’s time to… Prune back shoots on mophead and lacecap hydrangeas to a pair of buds Trim all foliage from barrenwort (Epimedium)

Garden Checklist 2nd -8th Feb

Flower Garden job checklist 2 – 8 February 2015 It’s time to… Deadhead winter-flowering pansies and bedding plants, and pick off damaged leaves Divide congested herbaceous perennials Prune winter jasmine


Christmas is behind us but we have spring to look forward to!                         It might be cold outside, but the importance of January gardening should not be underestimated.         Pruning Although

Amazing Trees


Winter Rodent control

Five tips for rodent control this winter 30 October 2014   This applies to gardeners sheds too. Last Year this gardener caught 32 field mice in shed the garden and greenhouse

Wild Flowers

The Anatomy of Field Botany For those who are keen on wild flowers “Wild Flowers” – Botanising in Britain by John Gilmour & Max WaltersCollins – London 1954 & 1955

More Toady Tory Failed Promises- Environment

MPs give Government ‘red card’ over environmental failings   16 September 2014 | By Alistair Driver   MPS have called for the Government to implement an overarching Environmental Strategy, after

Save Kew From Tory Dying Orchids

Change. org   Julie Flanagan just posted an update on the petition you signed: Globally important conservation and science under threat at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew due to UK Government

Hyacinths are Forever

Hyacinths are forever! If you know what you’re doing, says Monty Don, you can bring the bulbs back to life year after year   By Monty Don PUBLISHED: 22:31, 15

Garden – Jobs for January

    – If you are planning on growing runner beans, prepare a deep trench for where the beans are to be grown next summer. Dig out and fill with

Garden Jobs -21st- 27th October

Garden Jobs 21 – 27 October 2013 Greenhouse job checklist – It’s time to… Sow sweet peas and pinch out the growing tips of seedlings for bushier plants Continue harvesting