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Garden – Pre-Order your Seed Potato, Onions ,Shallots and Garlic

Maris Bard Seed Potatoes
  – Packet Size: 2.5kg Pack

Maris Bard




Kestrel Seed Potatoes
  – Packet Size: 2.5kg Pack





Picasso Seed Potatoes
  – Packet Size: 2.5kg Pack





Arran Pilot Seed Potatoes
  – Packet Size: 2.5kg Pack

Arran Pilot








UK Shipping (Weight: 10.00kg)






Arran Pilot – First Early – Plant from March onwards –protect from frost. Harvest from June

Arran Pilot seed potatoes are the nation’s favourite garden-grown variety. Arran Pilot has been around since 1930 and has remained popular due to its excellent taste and early boiling ability.

Arran Pilot produces high yields of white skinned tubers with shallow eyes. The flesh is pure white and is among the best boiling potatoes available.

Great resistance to all forms of scab and scores a high 9 for spraing resistance.

Maris Bard are a First Early Potato Plant from March. Harvest from June

Maris Bard seed potatoes are one of the best varieties that we grow here at JBA. Maris Bard produces high yielding crops of a good even size and, for many years, was the leading first early for maturing the fastest.

Maris Bard potatoes are oval shaped with white skins, shallow tuber eyes white flesh.  Maris Bard are best suited to boiling and early salad use in the kitchen – simply dig, wash, boil and serve.

Good resistance against common scab.

Kestrel –Second Early Plant from April after frosts have gone. Harvest from July

Kestrel seed potatoes have to be one of the best overall varieties in living memory. Bred by the great man himself, Jack Dunnett, this potato has taken the exhibition scene by storm because of its consistent size and colour.

Without doubt one of the best tasting potato varieties available. with excellent cooking uses and disease resistance.

If in any doubt at all, Kestrel are the potatoes that you should always be growing in your garden.

Picasso are a Main crop variety – Plant from April harvest September/October

Picasso seed potatoes produce tubers which are round-to-oval in shape, with smooth white skins and pink eyes. Picasso is now a popular variety for allotment growers due to its high disease resistance.

With Cara as one of its parents, Picasso has a great range of uses in the kitchen. A huge yielder and good storing variety.


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