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Philippines: Loose Cannon Duterte

Fires Off At West’s ‘Double Talk’

Tuesday 23RD

posted by Morning Star in World

FILIPINO President Rodrigo Duterte flew to Russia yesterday to sign weapons and trade deals — turning his back on Western “double talk.”


Before the four-day trip, Mr Duterte said: “Overdependence on traditional partners has limited our room to manoeuvre in a very dynamic international arena.


“Russia is a country that we must work with — there are opportunities that cannot be ignored.”



But in an interview with Russia Today TV on Sunday, Mr Duterte went further, telling the US:


“You treat me as if I’m your colony still. I want my country to be treated with dignity.


“I want to deal with China and Russia. Because in the Western world, it’s double talk.


“In the guise of human rights, countries like the EU and America are interfering in the affairs of


other nations,” for example with claims of thousands of extrajudicial killings in his crackdown on drugs.


Mr Duterte has previously admitted to the killing spree, saying that the UN was “stupid” to object when “only 1,000” suspects had been extrajudicially killed.


Earlier yesterday Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano played down Mr Duterte’s comments in a Friday-night speech that Chinese President Xi Jinping had threatened war over a territorial dispute.


Mr Duterte said that when he asserted Filipino oil drilling rights in the South China Sea, Mr Xi had responded: “We would want to maintain the present warm relationship.


But if you force the issue, we will go to war.” But Mr Caetano insisted their conversation “was on how to avoid conflict” and “how to increase trust and mutual respect.”


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