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Bananas ?
The Radical
22nd August 2018
The joy bananas is that no matter what the state your teeth are in, you can always manage to consume one just by sucking!
Not only this, but the high levels of potassium contained in bananas makes them excellent fruit for preventing strokes, improving energy levels and lowering our blood pressure as well as reducing the risk of contracting diabetes.
If blueberries are small, dark purple flavour bombs, then strawberries are the red equivalent, and about half the cost.
Rich in fibre , they offer a good amount of vitamin C, as well as containing beta carotene, an important antioxidant,folic acid and potassium – all of which help regulate blood pressure.
In addition to this, strawberries are one of the very few fruits rich in ellagic acid, which helps fight against carcinogens 
Blueberries have been shown to work physiological wonders, boosting memory and replenishing those little grey cells in the brain,improving eyesight, protecting against Alzheimers,heart disease and various forms of cancer.
So go wild for them – literally, the walk will do you good too.
Try adding a handful to your breakfast cereal, porridge or rice pudding.
It’s a given that as we grow older our bladders weaken, but don’t let that put you off drinking copious amounts of water. 
The brain is composed of nearly 93% water while our blood 82% and therefore it goes without saying water is an important part of our chemical make up.
2 litres a day will flush out toxins, improve concentration and maintain skin’s elasticity.
Water helps reduce the risk of colon and bladder cancer and is great for everday complaints such as constipation. 
Take it as bottled water but tap water is cheaper.
Remember that although drinks such as tea and coffee are made up of water, an excess of these can lead to dehydration.

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