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Fresh Milk ?

The Misuse of the word Fresh ?


The Germans are at it again !


(Wild claims they could not support for any length of time)


They sell cartons of liquid milk to the Philippines


The milk is Longlife Ultra heat treated or UHT and they sell in by the litre and it costs 69 peso


Which is about £1, though its Long Life is only about 8 months ? unopened


I wont name the brand but it has a friendly face of a cow on the front of the carton


It claims to be and probably is 100% Pure Cows Milk at 3.5% Butter fat content.


It states it is no substitute for breast milk


Halal Control ?????



But what drew my attention to it was its claim in large letters on the box


“FRESH MILK” Creamy taste -Produced in Germany


Definition of Fresh :-

“(of food) recently made or obtained; not tinned, frozen, or otherwise preserved”


And there is the lie or at least the deception – two out of three


It is not Fresh  by any stretch of the imagination and by the definition of “Fresh”


How can it be ?


And Creamy ? – Well 3.4% Butter Fat creamy is hardly a claim, when Double Cream is 36% Butter fat


It has travelled a quarter way round the world and it has, as fresh liquid milk, gone through an UHT plant.


And just to be particular


In the refrigerated part of the shop is Fresh Liquid Milk, bottled, local and Pasteurised with a date of production stamp.


As fresh as it can be.


So lets have a greater degree of honesty as that stated for British Milk


The Milk Marketting Board stipulated the minimum content of Butter fat in Fresh


milk and Single/ Double Cream and Butter and Cheese and so the British


housewife cannot have the wool pulled over her eyes and that standard continues to this day.


Over to you Germany and I would jolly well think so.

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