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Food -Exports – Britain Goes to China

Paterson leads UK food and drink delegation to China

11 November 2013 | By Alistair Driver

DEFRA Secretary Owen Paterson will lead a delegation including 35 British food and drink businesses to China

this week in a bid to tap into the huge Chinese market for quality food exports.

Mr Paterson was due to arrive in China on Monday, where he is joined by companies such as Weetabix, Dunbia

Northern Ireland and a host of other companies selling tea, beer, cheese, smoked salmon, desserts and


Mr Paterson said the UK food and drink industry sector contributed a ‘staggering’ £96.1 billion to the UK economy

last year, employing nearly four million people. It has increased the value of its exports by nearly 50 per cent in the

past decade, to the value of £18.2 billion.

But believes there is huge potential for further growth on the back of China’s growing demand for high quality UK


He said: “With Britain’s global reputation for quality and China’s increasing demand for Western-style food and

drink, there is no better time to tap into the Asian market.

“I will be doing all I can to promote our products and make it easier for aspiring British entrepreneurs to strike new

export deals with China.”

Defra and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) recently launched an international export action plan to encourage more

food and drink companies to venture into overseas markets by supporting businesses at home and championing

British food abroad.

Some of the British businesses in China

Trioni: UHT milk, Pembrokeshire, Somerset.

Third generation organic dairy farmers on 2,000 acres. Pool milk into cooperative OMSCO, then buy back milk

from Welsh producers to process in Somerset factory, Framptons.

Earlier this year, they secured the first organic certificate in China allowing them to supply to the booming Chinese

retail dairy market with UHT milk. The first shipment is about to arrive in Hong Kong this week.

Somerdale International: cheese, Somerset.

Entirely focussed on export markets. Help smaller cheese suppliers by acting as a ‘kind of agent’ through which

they can export their products.

Have Been exporting to Shanghai for the last few years. Sell flavoured cheeses with mango, ginger and cranberry

as Far East prefers sweeter, milder cheeses.


Britain’s second-largest branded manufacturer of breakfast cereals and cereal bars. The UK cereal is

manufactured in Burton Latimer, Kettering, England, and in Canada and exported to over 80 countries

In May 2012 they announced investment from China’s leading food group Bright Foods, which brought major

investment which they believe will enable further international growth

Dale Farm:Belfast

Operating across the UK and Ireland, it manufactures and markets a wide range of dairy products covering milk,

cream, milk powders, cheese, butter, dairy spreads, yogurts, ice cream and desserts.

Part of the United Dairy Farmers Group, a UK dairy farmer co-operative owned by over 1900 dairy farmers who

supply it with fresh milk.

Sells across the UK and Ireland as well as exporting to over 45 countries world-wide.

Full list of British Exhibitors:

Antrim Hills Spring Water Company, Ireland   

Ancre Hill Estate Vineyard, Wales (wine)

Berrywhite, London (drinks)    

Bestway Holdings, London (exporter)

Burts Bakery  

Chateau Rouge (tea)       

Chocolate and Love, Perth, Scotland     

CornishSea Salt, Cornwall       

Cranberry, Derby (turkeys)

Dale Farm, Northern Ireland (dairy)    

Dunbia, Northern Ireland (meat)  

EuroAsia Fine Foods, Essex (chocolate and wine)      

Fine Foods of Distinction, Somerset                      

Good Carb Company, Wales (cereal bars)

Gower Brewery, Wales (beer) 

Highland Smoked Salmon, Scotland 

Imporient (UK), London (tea)    

Irwin’s Bakery, Northern Ireland 

Linwoods, Northern Ireland (bakery and dairy)     

Macleans Highland Bakery, Scotland

Monty’s Brewery, Wales 

New York Delhi, London  (nuts)          

North Yorkshire Brewery    

Northern Ireland Naturally                        

Petty, Wood & Co, Hampshire (exporter)     

Pukka Herbs, Bristol (tea)    

Purple Moose Brewery, Wales    

Queenswood Natural Foods, Somerset 

Somerdale International, Someset (cheese)    

Spencer and Fleetwood, Surrey (chocolate)    

The London Distillery Company   

Tregothnan, Wales (tea)         

Trioni Limited, Wales/Somerset (dairy)    

Weetabix, Kettering, Northants (cereal)     

Yoomoo, London (frozen yoghurts)

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