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Food- Buy British Beef or Lamb for Christmas ?

Deadweight cattle continues ‘unseasonal flatness’

26 November 2013

EBLEX has highlighted a continuing ‘unseasonal flatness’ in the beef and lamb trade despite the industry coming

close to the Christmas period.

Despite liveweight cattle prices experiencing their third successive week of increased prices, the deadweight trade

has remained ‘flat’ with all prime cattle level on the week to November 16 at 386.2p/kg.

Eblex said the upcoming period has the potential to exert upward pressure on price but prices were yet to see a

substantial rise.

Slaughters were up 700 on the previous week to 31,900 and Debbie Butcher, senior analyst at AHDB/ Eblex

pointed to the possible influence of cash flow.

She highlighted it was a ‘similar situation’ in the lamb trade, and figures to November 16 showed a 1.5p/kg

reduction on the week.

“It’s a finely balanced market in that supply is adequate but not more than adequate,” she said.

“We would expect to see something pretty soon.”

Ms Butcher also highlighted an uptick in supplies was likely going into next year.

She said: “It’s likely there will be more cattle on the ground in the first quarter of 2014.

People generally turn to mince so it’s never a particularly robust month

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