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Rachel Johnson forced to defend four hour journeys to second home in new lockdown row

BORIS JOHNSON is bracing for a new lockdown row after his sister, Rachel Johnson, was forced to defend her four-hour journeys to her second home during lockdown.

PUBLISHED: 11:15, Sun, May 31, 2020 | UPDATED: 14:35, Sun, May 31, 2020

Rachel Johnson argues lockdown has ‘been tougher on women’


Rachel Johnson has used her key worker status to dash between her homes in Somerset and London during the coronavirus lockdown. It comes after Boris Johnson’s chief aide, Dominic Cummings, was accused of breaking lockdown rules when he travelled from London to Durham.



Ms Johnson travels to the capital from London to her job in London as a presenter on LBC.

Her actions come just days after the presenter said that Dominic Cummings should apologise and admit he “messed up” over a series of ‘bad decisions’ relating to his lockdown trip to Durham

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Boris Johnson’s younger sister said Brits were ‘unutterably furious,’ with Mr Cummings decision to drive to Durham in March, along with his trip to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight in April.


Ms Johnson told presenter Ben Shepherd: “I think that if I had been Cummings, I’d have admitted I’d messed up.

Rachel Johnson.

Rachel Johnson with her brothers Boris and Jo. (Image: Getty)

Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson has been forced to defend moving between Somerset and London. (Image: Getty )

He added: “I’d have got on the front foot and said, “I apologise for all of those who followed my messages, I took bad decisions at the time and I understand how angry it’s made a whole country feel, and please let’s move on because we have bigger fish to fry”.”

Rachel Johnson joined LBC in April to present a new Friday evening programme with the hour-long show hosting opinions, debate and the latest news as listeners discuss the issues of the day.

Ms Johnson travels down from Somerset where she is currently residing for the shows.

But is has been made public this morning that her work trips have included overnight stays at her Notting Hill residence where her two sons are currently residing.



Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is feeling the pressure after the news this morning. (Image: Getty)

During the same interview on Good Morning Britain, she added from her home in Somerset: “Obviously, everything is bigger than Dominic Cummings, the pandemic is bigger than Dominic Cummings and as my brother said, nobody has his unconditional support.

“The reason the country is so unutterably furious and het up about the Cummings’ crisis is because there is an enormous amount of pent up anxiety, anger and fear.

“The Dominic Cummings affair has released that in a way we didn’t see with Professor Lockdown, Neil Ferguson, even though Professor Lockdown was one of the architects of lockdown himself.”

After being asked if the Dominic Cummings affair has damaged her brother, Ms Johnson said: ‘Any family member worries about somebody who’s under so much pressure and taking so many big decisions, equally I’d worry about Theresa May being under so much pressure if she was running this crisis… I think everybody’s worried.”

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