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Philippines: Russian Navy

Visit To Manila Aims To Win

Duterte’s Heart

Wednesday 4TH

posted by Morning Star in World

TWO Russian navy ships arrived in Manila yesterday for a goodwill visit to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who seeks to bolster ties with Moscow.

Rear Admiral Eduard Mikhailov, deputy commander of Russia’s Pacific fleet, said that a wide range of equipment had been brought on the anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs and the sea tanker Boris Butomato for demonstration to the Philippine military during the five-day visit.

“You can choose … to co-operate with the US or to co-operate with Russia, but from our side we can help you in every way that you need,” Rear Admiral Mikhailov told a welcoming ceremony.

This week’s visit, the first under President Duterte’s administration, will include meetings between naval officials, while the ships will be open to the public and Russians will be given tours of historical spots in Manila.

Since becoming president in June, President Duterte has said that he wants to boost ties with China and Russia.

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