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Princess Diana death: Secret police file to be hidden for DECADES according to French rule

A 6,000 PAGE file on Princess Diana’s death consisting of the work of 30 police officers may not be made public for at least 75 years, according to one obscure French rule.

PUBLISHED: 23:30, Sun, Mar 15, 2020 | UPDATED: 00:26, Mon, Mar 16, 2020


Diana died in a car crash at just 36-years-old, which left the nation in mourning. The file took three years to complete and is said to contain evidence into an investigation into her death in Paris back in 1997. The document contains evidence by French police put together during the 18-month investigation into her death.

Conspiracy theorists believe the file could hold evidence that the princess died under suspicious circumstances.


One source who had viewed part of the dossier, told the Daily Star: “It stinks of a cover up and conspiracy at the highest level, and is typical of French bureaucracy.”

According to the Daily Star, the existence of the document was only admitted after they spent months asking to view case files.


The publication were reportedly told the file would be kept from public view until at least 2082.

Princess Diana

A 6,000 page file on Princess Diana’s death may not be made public for at least 75 years (Image: GETTY)

Princess Diana tributes

Princess Diana died in a car crash at just 36-years-old leaving the nation in mourning (Image: GETTY)

Authorities at the Palais de Justice in the French capital reportedly said they were using “article L. 213-2” of their “heritage code” to prohibit access.

The code states certain national archives should be shielded from public view for at least 75 years from their completion date.

A spokesman for the Palais de Justice denied the Daily Star access after weeks of requests to view it by stating: “The investigation file is placed in the archives of the Paris Court of Appeal.

“In application of article L213-2 of the heritage code, it cannot be consulted before the expiration of a period of 75 years.”

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Princess Diana

The file took three years to complete and is said to contain evidence into an investigation into her death in Paris back in 1997 (Image: GETTY)

They added: “There is no online version of this archive.”

When they pressed French authorities to provide justification for using an obscure rule to lock away the Diana evidence file, a spokesman for the Palais de Justice reportedly told the publication to “Just keep sending letters.”

This comes after French authorities claimed they had lost the 6,000-page file back in 2007.

The authorities said it had been misplaced just weeks ahead of the £12.5million inquest into Diana’s death held in Britain that lasted from 2007 to 2008.

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