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Farming – Cattle Die After Eating Sky Lantern Parts in Silage

Cattle die after eating sky lantern parts hidden in silage

18 December 2013 | By Olivia Midgley


A FARMER has blamed sky lanterns for the death of two cows at his farm in Northamptonshire.

Matt Knight, who farms Aberdeen-Angus cattle near Walgrave, said the animals suffered internal bleeding after eating the wire parts.

Mr Knight believes lanterns had landed in one of the silage fields before being combined, baled and fed to the cattle.

Women’s Food and Farming Union lead on sky lanterns Helen Bower, said the prospect of more of the dangerous products falling in the countryside over the festive and New Year period was frightening.

She said: “After the destruction and pain caused by lanterns in 2013, let’s make 2014 the year they are completely banned.”

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