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Farm Couple Harness River Power using Achimedes Screw


Farming couple turn to harnessing power from river

By Joe Watson

Published: 05/10/2013

Jacqueline Riley at the Archimedes’ screw power generation plant that she and husband John have installed at Strathdon

Technology developed by an ancient Greek is helping a farmer in the heart of Aberdeenshire generate electricity.

The Archimedes’ screw used by John and Jacqueline Riley at Strathdon, however, works in the opposite

direction from that for which it was designed.

Greek polymath Archimedes of Syracuse is said to have developed the screw in the third century BC to lift water

from low-lying areas into irrigation channels so food crops could be grown. Its use has since spiralled, but the

concept still remains the same in that it has a spiral screw within the metal casing to move the water

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