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Boris urged to walk away from EU trade talks if Brussels don’t agree to UK terms – poll

BORIS JOHNSON has been urged to walk away from post-Brexit trade talks with the EU if the bloc fail to agree to Britain’s terms, a poll has found.

PUBLISHED: 00:03, Mon, Jun 15, 2020 | UPDATED: 00:04, Mon, Jun 15, 2020

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Boris Johnson is expected to tell the EU’s top three officials next week that they need to “swiftly conclude” a free trade agreement (FTA) or the UK will walk away from negotiations – and Express.co.uk readers have backed such a move. Readers were asked whether they thought the EU would concede to Britain’s demands, and the majority said yes.


The poll, carried out from 1.30pm-9pm on Sunday, June 14, asked: “As Boris threatens EU, will bloc cave in crunch meeting next week?”

Over half of the 3,585 respondents (56 percent) said “yes”, indicating they think the bloc will give concessions in the next round of talks.

While just over a third (39 percent, 1,412 people) said “no”.


boris johnson brexit news latest eu talks

Boris Johnson has been urged to walk away from EU trade talks (Image: Getty)


The poll found over half of readers though the EU would cave in the next round of talks (Image: Apester)

Readers then took to the comments to justify their selection, with many users urging Boris to walk away from the talks.

One person wrote: “If the EU don’t agree our terms on Monday Boris must tell them it’s WTO and close the talks.

“They’ve had plenty of time to consider our offer and if it’s not good enough there is only one possible outcome.”

Another user said: “Walk away Boris, all patriots are with you.”

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A third wrote: “No Deal WTO and then negotiate from a position of strength with no ties, no payments no demands, no bullying!!

“That will focus the EU’s minds because they have so much more to lose than us, if we try to get a deal now they will try to ensnare us and punish us for leaving and the compromises we will have to make to get a good deal will be too severe. so its No Deal WTO all the way!!”

Other readers agreed and suggested a WTO exit could be the way forward.

One person said: “I don’t want them to ‘cave in’! I would rather leave on WTO terms if they cannot give a Canada +++ FTA type deal.

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