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EU FINES UK Over £640 million

Farmers Guardian

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As Defra faces further cuts to its diminishing budget putting further pressure on areas like animal health control and flood management, it has emerged the department has paid more than £640 million in EU fines in recent years.

Most relate to the disastrous handling of the Single Payment Scheme in England, but Defra’s annual report also reveals the cost of this year’s Basic Payment Scheme IT problems

. The Government has been forced to delay a vote on amendments to the Hunting Act which could have made pest control easier for farmers, after the SNP controversially intervened.

A case of highly pathogenic H7N7 bird flu has been confirmed in Lancashire.

In the ailing dairy sector, Dairy Crest says it remains ‘on track’ despite falling butter sales.

And, if you want to unravel some of the mysteries of crop circles, we suggest you head to Wiltshire.

Alistair Driver, Political editor @AlistairDriver

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