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Estate Agents -The Arrogance is Deafening, Regulation demanded is falling on Deaf Ears

Most think they are doing you a favour…..
The Radical
18th April 2017
…….to view a property you are interested in buying to live in.
And I am not talking about the time wasters,
who live round the corner, and want a free view,
but those travelling up to hundreds of miles to view a property,
arrange a time to suit the buyer, the vendor, fit 
in other viewings,and forced to supply more than the minimum of details needed 
to ensure validity of the person entering anothers home.
I say this because to be demanded by Manners & Harrison, at interrogation,
to disclose the reason why you want to move to an area
and your financial situation and more that cannot be printed here,
as a condition prior to viewing,
makes any offer, at a disadvantage, having given away your bargaining position.
If the agent knows the purchase is a cash offer, or from the sale of a property
or through a mortgage,this gives the Vendor the advantage.
The always over priced property requires a lower offer,
but if the agent knows that you have the asking price,
they are likely to advise their client to hold out for a higher price.
The Online Independents perform a more independent role
and are to be encouraged by vendors and supported by purchasers.
But Purple Bricks have no system for unsubscribing
without loggin in and asking for a call back.
Better to stay on the outside
This because the service is paid for upfront
and the Agent has less interest in more than passing on information.
Not only that but most do not interrogate the customer
The misrepresentation by Estate Agents on Rightmove and in particulars is evidence of 
deception by anybody who set up  to represent the sale of your most valuable asset.
The collusion between the vendor and agent makes the claim of corruption real.
Describing a house as Detached when it is Semi- Detached, as by Mellor & Beer is intentional
deception when the vendor bought the property described as  semi – detached.
Caveat Emptor or Let the buyer beware, is not good enough.
I travelled 150 miles to see what was described as detached,
when it was end terraced and when I pointed this out to the 
Agent, Reeds Rains the representative said it was a typing error
and reposted the property as Semi- detached,
but the property was one of three joined together, therefore terraced.
Advertised as 3 bed by Northgate, when there is clearly only 2,
just to get attention from those filtering out 2 bed properties.
Description of properties such as having a large garden when it is a false photo shoot,
and misleading and wrong room measurements is dishonest to say the least and Estate
Agents are full of covert deception.
If a property is in a high Radon Gas area or Serious Flooding risk
then these should be readily admitted, not left to the prospective purchaser to look for.
More honesty is needed, not deception for a miss bought pig in a poke.
Its all slight of hand and I blame the Government and Trading Standards 
for poor regulation of these “companies” or sharks would be a better term.
The customer needs better protection.
The Agent  acts only for the Vendor and the Purchaser
must have the right to refuse information other than giving name and address.
It is recognised that advertised  houses are over priced, but once the price of a property is
reduced or has been marketed for a long time
or was sold previously for considerably less, then it is time for the vendor to face reality
and the agent to be sent packing.
Never commit with any agent for more than 8 weeks and any Estate Agent
who says you have only 15 minutes to view an Agent accompanied viewing property,
whatever its value, needs reporting or avoiding. Leave the Agent holding the key and walk away.
Another favourite is the Agent showing you round, that has not only no idea of the property they
are representing, but fail to bring keys to the garage, so you can only see part of a property. 
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