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England Test Cricket- “Stop the Rot”

One Too Many Cooks

-The Radical-
5th August 2016-

Another bad day at the office for English Cricket

First day was a disaster by the senior batsmen and the second by the senior bowlers.

This match, England v Pakistan, the third and final Test is heading for a draw or worse for England after Pakistan hit England’s total less 40 runs with 7 wickets standing.

Its the selectors again.No imagination, Blinkered and Sterile.

The reasons – England have stuck with Hales who is out of form, as is Broad and Finn.

Bresnan, Ball and Rashid are much safer and better players all of whom have better records. Michael Vaughan suggested the Glamorgan opener as an alternative.

Bairstow and Root  failed, to perform, but that was due to a better bowling attack and to the personal weight placed on their shoulders from the previous match.

Anderson got lucky in the first over and Woakes in the last ball of the last over.

Frankly unless the selectors look at the list of available players, Listen to Boycott and Vaughan and be prepared to rotate the “regular rejects” England Cricket talk of a 4 day Test trial is a waste of time.

The 5 day Test in the UK is correct for two reasons.

1. the weather
2. England must return to the 50’s. When Hutton and Washbrook opened for England, little exciting happened before lunch, other than both were still at the crease and runs came second.

Ask Geoffrey Boycott.

He practiced what they preached.

Occupying the crease and wearing down the bowlers gave them and those to come a batting advantage.


It’s called Stop the Rot or a Batting Collapse


Today its all about exciting the crowd with shots.

 Too much slog it and run cricket.

As for the bowlers, the team always had two spinners, plus Fred & Brian with one Allrounder.

The bowlers put the fear of God into the foreign batsmen, some by reputation, I should say, but today we have “gentle-men”, no fire.

Its all a media stunt, correctness and cook eyed.

Cook couldn’t frighten the skin off a rice pudding,

let alone put any confidence in a team of players.

Bring back Stokes and the like, men with fire and prepared to take no enemies.

Bring back a Lock and Laker and a Bedser or two.

As for Geoffrey Boycott he alone talks any sense on Test Match Special.

As far as the current match is concerned, Geoffrey has given the Pakistani fight back all the credit it deserved.

They showed England how it should be done with the bat
and weather permitting they hold upper hand.

Get out of that one Cook if the kitchen is not too hot

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